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Steven D Wright


TV is in thrall to the silly season

With little to gossip about, all talk turns to who will fill Jay Hunt’s shoes

Kipper Love Island

Here’s to the return of trashy TV

Forget box sets, Love Island is the show that everyone is talking about, says Steven D Wright

Kipper Election Night

Why can’t TV always be impartial?

Election night made a refreshing change from usual bias and distortion, says Steven D Wright


All hail TV’s god-like geniuses

Commissioners are becoming more capricious and distant every day, says Steven D Wright

C4 Birmingham cartoon

C4’s relocation is an empty threat

It is in no one’s interest to move the broadcaster to Birmingham, says Steven D Wright

London Studios cartoon

TV needs studio space, not flats

Closing The London Studios is a step too far, says Steven D Wright


We are all to blame for Trump

Reality TV spawned this dystopian nightmare, says Steven D Wright


I tasted fame – and I liked it

My stint on stage makes me want more, says Steven D Wright


Everyone wants a piece of the pie

The aggressive American model is here to stay


TV isn’t the only game in town

The real stars of Edinburgh are the comedians - not the TV execs, says Steven D Wright

Don’t fret over TV’s future

Don’t fret over TV’s future

The young may not be tuning in, but who cares? says Steven D Wright


TV isn’t lacking ballsy women

Is confidence the issue, or old-fashioned sexism? asks Steven D Wright


Government has the whip hand

But white paper was less painful than feared, says Steven D Wright


ITV feels hip and funky again

The most tiresome aspect of being a professional columnist writing about TV is the sheer number of times you end up talking about the BBC.


TV is taken far too seriously

Will the press ever tire of these non-stories? asks Steven D Wright

How to get ahead in TV: lesson 55

Dear diary, what of TV’s future?

Can we trust tomorrow’s shows to today’s teens? asks Steven D Wright


TV’s night of the long knives

Do exits foreshadow the death of our industry? asks Steven D Wright


TV legacy is no laughing matter

We should all learn to live in the moment


Old, tired TV needs some oomph

Should we take a leaf out of Corbyn’s book to engage with the public? asks Steven D Wright


Big Brother: the offer of a lifetime

Excited to be courted for a job, Steven D Wright instead found himself locked up for 24 hours


In the beginning was The Word…

For someone starting out in TV, the show was the best place to learn, says Steven D Wright


A shabby way to treat the BBC

The government’s attack is way off target, says Steven D Wright


We’ll miss the BBC when it’s gone

It may not be perfect, but the corporation is an asset to our industry, says Steven D Wright


Whatever happened to talent?

TV must stop reaching for the Z-list celebs, says Steven D Wright


Viewers just want to have fun

TV has a spring in its step when it takes itself a little less seriously, writes Steven D Wright


Don’t mention ghosts of TV past

There’s a collective amnesia when it comes to television history, writes Steven D Wright


Watch out for TV’s sexy new terms

Industry talk is now all about ‘casting producers’, ‘precinct’ and ‘3G’, says Steven D Wright


Talent comes first in the real world

The web is a fertile creative space - but let’s keep quality in perspective, says Steven D Wright


TV oddities are my guilty pleasure

More than ever, 21st century TV is the equivalent of the freak show, says Steven D Wright


TV originality? That’s so last year

Who needs fresh ideas when we can just rehash past successes, asks Steven D Wright


Where next for the TV Festival?

If Scotland says Yes, my vote is for St Tropez, says Steven D Wright


Let the indie Hunger Games begin

BBC in-house must be prepared to ‘do or die’ in commissioning arena

love my country

Why I’m learning to love Europe

Jingoistic notions of British ‘quality’ TV hide some uncomfortable truths


Armchair critics are the worst

TV is getting it in the neck from all and sundry, says Steven D Wright

Go-to guy

The 10 phrases you need to know

Baffled by the doublespeak spouted by commissioners? Help is at hand from Steven D Wright


I’m in mourning for a true friend

We should all grieve the on-screen loss of a much-loved channel, says Steven D Wright


A little personality goes a long way

If you’re a bullying, egomaniac sociopath, you’ll go far in TV, says Steven D Wright

How to get ahead in TV

We are artists by any other name

TV is on a par with anything in a gallery - without the pretentiousness, says Steven D Wright

What's TV?

Who wants to be cool anyway?

Now that TV is no longer hip, my weekends won’t be the same, says Steven D Wright


We’re all suckers for the same old

Why not rip off formats when viewers often yearn for the familiar, asks Steven D Wright


Grim reality of life at an indie

Battle for commissions is getting depressing, says Stephen D Wright

Kipper Cartoon 120713

Flash the trash or aim for the stars?

Steven D Wright ponders the conundrum of whether your output matters after you’re dead


Just stick to the day job, will you?

Commissioners: stop dreaming of an indie career and read my pitch, says Steven D Wright


Watch TV if you want to get on

Everything you need to know about the industry is right there on screen, says Steven D Wright.


Watching you watching us is hard

Seeing viewers openly mocking your work is a painful experience, says Stephen D Wright

Stephen D Wright

Praying for an end to BBC bashing

Let’s give it a break, says Steven D Wright. After all, its not as bad as the Catholic church

kipper cartoon

Stonker? No, let’s have a stinker

The programmes we all love to hate generate the greatest buzz, says Steven D Wright


Why are we surprised by Jimmy?

Savilegate is shocking but celebrity hedonism is alive and well, says Steven D Wright


Time for the annual beanfest

Whether a newbie, a veteran or an arty farty type, Edinburgh is for you, says Steven D Wright.


Olympic fever claims another victim

London 2012 Opening Ceremony has changed my view of TV sport, says Steven D Wright.

50 Shades of Grey cartoon

Auntie’s dirty little secret is out

As the new DG is painfully aware, sometimes, us cool TV kids get an embarrassing reminder that some of the other less sexy, less fashionable forms of culture can totally dominate the media.

(c) Kipper

Celebrities: TV’s only saving grace

Let’s face it, the reason we’re in this dull line of work is to mix with ‘stars’, says Steven D Wright.

Deadliest Catch

Discovery's catch to safeguard the future

Acquisition of Scripps is a nod towards TV’s changing reality, says Kate Bulkley

How To Lose Weight Well

The ethics of an indie marriage

Pragmatic partnerships gather pace but proper credit must be paid

Deadliest Catch

A catch to safeguard the future

Discovery’s acquisition of Scripps is a nod towards TV’s changing reality, says Kate Bulkley


Talking TV: Broadcast Digital Awards Video

Hear from the winners of this year’s event

The State

The State; Astronauts; Len Goodman’s Partners in Rhyme; Fake Or Fortune

“This was the sort of bold programming that Channel 4 was founded for.”