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Twitter verdict

ITV election coverage

The Twitter verdict: general election 2017 Video

The @George_Osborne @edballs double act is pretty brilliant

The Nightly Show

The Twitter verdict: The Nightly Show Video

“US late-night shows have the advantages of writers’ rooms and Hollywood A-listers.”


The Twitter verdict: reaction to Trump victory coverage Video

“Try CNN, it’s like Sky on speed. Everyone’s talking a million miles an hour.” 


The Twitter verdict: reaction to BBC3 move online Video

“The irony of the BBC3 move is that it’s probably the right choice, but a few years too early and for the wrong reasons (i.e., budget)”


The Twitter verdict: Humans, C4 Video

“Watching #Humans. It’s rather brilliant, isn’t it. And judging from how shite Siri is, still 100 years away from being reality. Phew.”

Battle For Number 10

The Twitter verdict: Battle For Number 10 Video

“Put some food in front of them and a French waiter in the background and you’ve got an episode of first dates #BattleForNumber10”


The Twitter verdict: Indian Summers Video

Enjoying Downtonabhi on #channel 4 #indiansummers. All a bit too pristine and calm to be Indian though

Broadcast Awards

The Twitter verdict: Broadcast Awards Video

Picked your shoes? Got your bow tie on? It’s time for the Broadcast Awards!


The Twitter verdict: Fortitude Video

“Well I stuck with #Fortitude and thought it was really good. Except for the pig. Didn’t like the pig bit”


The Twitter verdict: Cucumber Video

#Cucumber - one of the most #Channel4 things on @Channel4 in years


The Twitter verdict: Broadchurch series two Video

“Damn you, @ChrisChibnall, raising the bar for the rest of us… #Broadchurch”


The Twitter Verdict: The X Factor 2014 Video

“#XFactor in a tweet: I want it so much. Absolutely fabulous. A million percent. Tragic backstory. Four yeses. Lousy ads, mostly”


The Twitter verdict: Monty Python Live Video

“Crikey! Must be a lot bleeping going on!”

Commando School

The Twitter verdict: Royal Marine's Commando School; Utopia Video

“So commandos do go commando then #CommandoSchool”

Game Of Thrones

The Twitter Verdict: Game of Thrones finale Video

“Now that’s how to do a finale!” [SPOILER-FREE]


The Twitter verdict: Bafta Video

“Can’t wait to see Gogglebox watching themselves win a BAFTA on Friday.”


The Twitter verdict: Good Morning Britain Video

“Moving away from the sofa look was a good call.”

Jamaica Inn

The Twitter verdict: Jamaica Inn Video

“Still only catching one in every 10 words. Farewell #JamaicaInn”


The Twitter verdict: Fargo Video

“The migration of mid range Indy movies to television feels complete.”


The Twitter verdict: Britain's Got Talent Video

“Those electro Ukrainian men will work at stoner festivals all over Europe.”

Game Of Thrones

The Twitter verdict: Game Of Thrones Video

“Favourite characters - check. New characters - of course. Death - yup. Nudity - naturally. Profanity - bucketloads.”

The Trip

The Twitter verdict: The Trip To Italy Video

”#TheTrip as good as TV comedy gets. Absolutely glorious bit of telly.”


The Twitter verdict: EU Debate Video

“Farage has the EU confused with Mordor #europedebate”


The Twitter verdict: Rev Video

“I doubt Porridge had the affection of HMP service.”


The Twitter verdict: W1A Video

“Fear I may never be able to ride my Brompton to work again #W1A”

Live From Space

The Twitter verdict: Live From Space Video

“I keep being drawn in by the sheer incredible thrill of it all.”


The Twitter verdict: Gogglebox Video

“Worried [it is] going to die if too many of the characters carry on playing to camera.”

True Detective

The Twitter verdict: True Detective Video

“The trendies and hipsters are catching on…”

Benefit debates

The Twitter verdict: Benefit debates Video

“Poor chairing and structure undermine the objective.”


The Twitter verdict: Celebhunter Video

“Great uplifting watch from start to end.” Read on for the industry verdict on Matt Rudge’s film.


The Twitter verdict: Babylon Video

“Seriously trending - and dividing the audience across a wide spectrum.” Read on for the industry verdict on the Danny Boyle-directed comedy drama debate.

Big Benefits Row

The Twitter verdict: Big Benefits Row: Live Video

“Hats off to @channel5_tv for stealing #C4’s topical thunder.” Read on for the industry verdict on the live debate.

The Bridge

The Twitter verdict: The Bridge Video

“Proves that globally telly is the medium to beat right now.” Read on for the industry’s verdict to the finale of the Scandi crime drama.

The Jump

The Twitter verdict: The Jump Video

“The Jump has broken me.” Read on for the industry’s verdict to Channel 4’s winter sports showdown.

Coronation Street

The Twitter verdict: Coronation Street Video

“Powerful, brave & heartbreaking telly.” Read on for the industry’s verdict on the climax to the soap’s euthanasia storyline.

The Musketeers

The Twitter verdict: The Musketeers Video

“My swash has been suitably buckled.” Read on for the industry’s verdict on BBC1’s latest drama.

House of Fools

The Twitter verdict: House of Fools Video

”#HouseOfFools should not be judged against traditional sitcoms.” Read on for the industry’s verdict on Vic and Bob’s BBC2 sitcom.


The Twitter verdict: Sherlock, The Voice UK Video

“So good I peed in my own fireplace.” How the industry reacted to the weekend’s TV.


The Twitter verdict: The Undateables Video

“You can watch Channel 4 or Five and either could be called The Undateables.” How TV reacted to Channel 4’s dating format.

The Taste

The Twitter verdict: The Taste Video

“The Taste should be called The Waste.” How TV reacted to Channel 4’s latest cooking format.

Benefits Street

The Twitter verdict: Benefits Street; The 7.39; Secrets of the Living Dolls Video

“Don’t really understand how people can say this is ‘bashing people on benefits’.” How TV reacted to Channel 4’s Benefits Street, Secrets of the Living Dolls and BBC1 drama The 7.39.