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Fifteen To One

C4 quiz drops off the pace


William G Stewart first introduced us to 15 contestants, 14 of whom were destined to be unlucky, in January 1988. More than a quarter of a century on, and 10 years off the air, his former show has had a bumpy return.

Mary Berry batters rivals


Mary Berry does a nice line in butter-wouldn’t-dare-melt demureness, but when it comes to ratings, the Queen of Buns is a killer – as all but the denizens of Weatherfield found out on Monday.

Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn loses 1.7m visitors

23-Apr-2014 | By

Jamaica Inn lost 1.7m viewers for its second episode on Tuesday as MTV pulled in one of its best-ever launch crowds for holiday format Ex On The Beach.

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Lambing Live

Lambs spring into top 10


In fields around the land this week, green visors were delivered, baize tables were set up and cards dealt out, and once again the lambs had to explain, hoofs on hips, that they gambol.

Lambing Live

Babies deliver on BBC2 & C4


This week, BBC2 launched a sort of farming version of Call The Midwife, with more bleating, less screaming and a fear of mint sauce.

Living In Space

Lap of honour for Channel 4


BBC2’s weekly primetime share was almost 8%, helped enormously by Top Gear: Burma Special: 6.1 million/23% share is a huge audience, more than twice that of the next show in the table, and it would be foolish to argue against it.

Mary Berry Cooks

Mary cooks up BBC2 success


In the summer of 1914, moustaches and frock coats roamed the corridors of power and decided that it was time for war.

The Necessary War

Hastings wins battle of docs


Appositely, as sabres rattle in Eastern Europe, BBC2 played two programmes on the outbreak of the First World War.

The Taste

The Taste falls to new low


The sliding-about-a-lot has ended and GB won four medals, the best return since 1924; the year Mallory and Irving were lost trying to ascend Everest for the first time.


Olympics in winning form


The nation is gripped by the sliding about of athletes, often in lycra and occasionally with brooms.

Winter Olympics

BBC2 skates ahead of ITV


If ever there was a right time to announce the relinquishing of the BBC2 Quill of Control, it would be after news like this: BBC2’s Saturday and Sunday combined all-time share (12%) beat ITV’s (9.8%).

Top Gear

Top Gear races to the summit


This week, Top Gear returned to show Benefits Street who’s boss.

The Jump

Seasonal hits for BBC and C4


The only winter watching I want to do is the sort that involves waving it off at a bus stop, followed by anxious glances down the road searching for the garlanded spring bus.

Warren Utd

TV Critics: Warren United; Drag Queens of London; New Worlds


“Warren United lacks the space…in which real originality can grow.”

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