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Trip to Italy

The Trip stays on course


My school trips tended to be to places like Littlehampton or Eastbourne. All revolved around the same dreary experience: where to find shelter from the incessant wind-assisted rain to eat fish paste sandwiches and drink warm, weak squash out of a plastic beaker.


Endeavour’s solid return


One of the space shuttles is called Endeavour. Some years ago, I watched it launch into the Florida yonder with mad, fiery urgency, catapulting towards the stillness of space. I can’t imagine melancholic Endeavour Morse launching into any yonder but there are times when his fiery urgency boils over.

The Call Centre

The Call Centre dials up record audience


The Call Centre phoned in its biggest audience on record on Tuesday night, as BBC2 launched two new factual shows to solid ratings.

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Slot swap pays for Gogglebox


My Dad had a phrase he usually blurted out from behind the newspaper: “What’s on the idiots’ lantern tonight then?”

Channel 4: Live From Space

C4 scores big with space


The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy states, boldly but not inaccurately, that space is big. Really big.

Ja’Mie: Private School Girl

BBC3 fails to make impact


Plenty has already been said about BBC3, but should its shows be in the top 30 consolidated shows?

Inspector George Gently

BBC1 finds Gently does it


In the same buildings where Woolies once offered its pick ’n’ mix range of gardening tools, CDs and bleach, pound shops now offer… well, much the same eclectic stuff but all for a pound.

Line Of Duty

Line Of Duty fights back


It’s likely that series two of BBC2’s Line Of Duty was dispatched into the world with robust hopes after the dramatic denouement of series one.


Sky 1’s Stella holds steady


In A Streetcar Named Desire, Marlon Brando’s bad boy Stanley stands at the foot of the steamy New Orleans apartment’s stairs and screams “Hey Stella!”. Stella’s languid descent ends in a slightly sweaty tryst; Romeo and Juliet it ain’t.

Death In Paradise

Bleak winter lifts ratings


It may just be an of-the-moment thing, but in this most miserable, annoying, bleak and dank of winters, where chinks of cheeriness are obscured by cold, grey swirling waters, quite a few TV series are enjoying their best of times.

The Tomorrow People

Tomorrow’s success today


Ardent fans of Scottish League One football still long for one result when Methil’s finest take on the pride of Angus: East Fife 4, Forfar 5.

Antiques Roadtrip

Antiques have value for BBC1


More than 111 million people watched the Super Bowl in the US. I’m not a great fan of knickknacks, but the idea of watching a big bowl seems preferable to me than sitting through the seemingly wilfully obtuse game that is American Football.

Call The Midwife

BBC’s Midwife really delivers


It’s winter and if in the hearth there burns just a candle, then the dear old television set compensates with many a warming treat.

How To Get A Council House

TV Critics: How To Get A Council House; Mad Men; Ian Hislop's Olden Days; Party House


“He undermined his argument with soundbites from the usual Socialist Worker types”

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