Hunted 3 Fugitives Unit 26 copy

Making large-scale factual production simple

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The challenge of planning and production of complex, large-scale scale programmes is tough, but there are several shortcuts, writes Gavin Smith


Rogan's pursuit of purpose and integrity

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The husband and wife team behind Rogan Productions on why they aim for productions of purpose, perspective and craft


Global tv production map

Global TV Production Map

The shape of the consolidated world



albert – working towards greener film and TV

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Uniting the TV and film production and broadcast industry to create an environmentally sustainable approach

The Crown

What the UK television sector is facing in 2019

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Barclays’ head of media Lorraine Ruckstuhl on what she learnt at the Westminster Media Forum debate on the future of the UK TV sector

Mormon Love

Bringing young Mormons to Facebook

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Filming the dating lives of young Mormons stretched our teams but we achieved our goals, writes James Burstall