All Those Things We Never Said

Mipcom Hot Picks: International Scripted

‘The combination of smart dialogue and a stunning backdrop makes the series very engaging’

Drag Me Out

Mipcom Hot Picks: Formats

‘Drag culture offers colour, energy, fun and escapism – all things that we can never have enough of’

Race Against the Tide

Race Against The Tide

‘At its simplest, watching these artists is mesmerising’

Handmade Good With Wood image 3

Handmade: Good With Wood

‘All countries have traditions of woodworking, so we see this as a very strong format pitch’

CRUSADERS_EP_105_SG_05 copy 2

Vice Versa: Crusaders

Much has been documented about Scientology in the media, but Jehovah’s Witnesses have largely avoided such scrutiny


Four Hours At The Capitol

‘It is very powerful. It is an action film, but every frame and every word is true’

Killer at the Crime Scene

Killer At The Crime Scene

‘The focus on science means this can reach a different audience as well as your archetypal ‘true-crime’ follower’

Wonders of the Celtic Deep Image 2

Wonders Of The Celtic Deep

‘It’s early stages, but we have a strategy in place: we’ll handle the SVoD, AVoD and Fast channels within that, but Mipcom is its moment to shine’

Down for Love Image 1

Mipcom Hot Picks: Factual

‘A unique piece of TV, which is long overdue’

Bismarck - 24 Hours from Dom

Bismarck: 24 Hours To Doom

‘Those stories, from the sailors and aviators involved in the battle, really bring the entire project to life’

Let the Rest of the World Go By

Let The Rest Of The World Go By

‘The story went viral even before the doc came out, which shows there is interest around the world’

Epic Oceans 3x50

Epic Oceans

‘We will be aiming to sell to all territories, but particularly to Europe, Africa and Asia’

We Are Jews - Tali interview.01_45_14_20.Still004

We Are Jews

‘I wanted to showcase that there is no one way to be Jewish’

The Ripper Speaks_IMAGE_14

The Ripper Speaks

‘There have been loads of Ripper documentaries, but they have never been in his own words’


Hidden Assets

‘It’s an easy to travel, easy-to-binge drama, which can go anywhere’

Blackout - Tomorrow Is Too Late_Red Arrow Studios International

Blackout - Tomorrow Is Too Late

‘We  see the power go out in homes, the transport is down, and no one can get back to their loved ones’

Osama bin Laden: The Inside Story

Osama Bin Laden: The Inside Story

‘What this series does is tell for the first time the whole story of who Bin Laden was, where he came from and how he was radicalised’

Woodcut International - Forgotten War Stories

Forgotten War Stories

‘The Bosnian episode is particularly harrowing, stark and brutal to watch at times’

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol2

Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol

‘There is an international texture to the plot – including a back story set in Turkey and the Middle East’


Red Election

‘It fits the premium mainstream positioning that we aim for with all our scripted shows’


HIP (High Intellectual Potential)

‘Strong lead characters, good pace and sense of humour throughout’

Furia 1

Furia (Fury)

‘It’s an interesting show because, on the one hand it’s politically relevant, but on the other, it’s an exciting rollercoaster ride’

The Teacher

The Teacher

‘We’re always on the hunt for great British drama in what is a competitive and crowded market’

The Responder - Photographer Rekha Garton © 2021 Dancing Ledge Productions

The Responder

‘It’s the kind of bold, edgy, colourful series that could play on a range of platforms, so we are considering our options’

Stephen 6_3_21 low DSCF1882

Conviction: The Case of Stephen Lawrence

‘The drama will sell because it is a powerful story’


Hollington Drive

‘The complexity of modern families and the lengths we go to in order to protect the people we love is something that we can all relate to’



‘It’s a whodunit, but also a character-driven story’

the cleaner

The Cleaner

‘The cast is a dream and each episode has something new and distinctive to offer’


Mipcom Hot Picks: UK scripted

‘Crime has two things in abundance that help it’s global appeal: strong IP and talent’