‘Clever and innovative use of virtual reality and graphics - an exciting watch’

Presenter Angela Scanlon assists families who have fallen out of love with their homes to find new inspiration in this revamped version of the interior renovation format.

Your Home Made Perfect is the only home makeover series that allows people to try before they buy with the use of VR technology, something described by one judge as a “revolutionary” method of bringing “scale, excitement and precision” to the redesign process.

In each episode, rival architects Laura Jane Clark and Robert Jamison go head-to-head using visual effects and photoreal virtual-reality technology to design and pitch bold and innovative alterations to contributors’ homes. One episode in the second series, for example, focuses on a couple attempting to redo their

Brighton bungalow. With planning restrictions putting serious restraints on their extension plans, both architects have to take a radical approach to redesigning their perfect space and reigniting their dream.

“The execution of the show matches the imagination, and it is a pleasure to view,” said one judge, while another praised the programme’s “clever and innovative use of virtual reality and graphics”, calling it “an exciting and heartwarming watch”.



All or Nothing - Tottenham Hotspur

All Or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur
72 Films for Amazon Prime

Shot using fixed-rig cameras, All Or Nothing reveals the inner workings of a Premier League football club and all the drama that goes with it. How the club coped with the pandemic became a vital part of the show’s storytelling, with production continuing despite the challenging restrictions.



Optomen Television for Channel 4

Snackmasters was one of C4’s most successful launches of 2019, increasing the channel’s share of 16-34s to 21.3% – up 67% on the slot average. Hosted by Fred Sirieix, it pulled in 2 million viewers on average over its three-episode run.


The British Tribe Next Door

The British Tribe Next Door
Voltage TV/Motion Content Group for Channel 4

Sending Scarlett Moffatt and her family to a remote Namibian village to live in an exact replica of their home was described by one judge as an “ambitious idea that created memorable television”.

Average viewing figures were as high as 2.7 million, making it the highest-rating launch of any new factual programme on C4 in the past two years.

The Great Mountain Sheep Gather

The Great Mountain Sheep Gather
Windfall Films for BBC4

This feature-length doc used aerial drones, a chest-mounted camera and cameras mounted on a sheep dog and a sheep to capture footage of a shepherd’s descent down a mountain.

With only natural sounds of birdsong and running water, one judge said it offered something “genuinely different”.


Unsaid Stories

Unsaid Stories
Greenacre Films for ITV

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests, this four-part series, shot on a tiny budget for its 9pm ITV slot, provides an important social commentary. Delivered to the broadcaster within five weeks of its inception, the show attracted a significant proportion of black, Asian and ethnic minority viewers.