Check out recently completed creative work including the new idents for UKTV's male skewed Dave channel.

The Dave channel

Agency: Red Bee Media
Client: UKTV

Brief: To create a series of idents that reflect UKTV G2’s new identity - Dave, dubbed “the home of witty banter”.
How it was done: Red Bee Media created six idents that depict unusual situations and stories that focus on a group of friends over a weekend in the world of Dave. The characters are surrounded by country house ephemera including oil paintings and stuffed exotic animals. The logo is embedded within each scene.
Watch it: From Monday 15 October on Dave.
View clipsBoat clip Camping Dinner Elephant Snowballs Welcome


Design company: I-Box
Client: Lion Television

Brief: To show how Daniel Libeskind’s architectural ideas leapt from the drawing board into real life using animation.
How it was done: Libeskind’s folding paper concept for the Denver Art Museum was turned into a visual image using a 3D form. Graphic designer John Underwood graded and composited time-lapse sequences of the building work in progress using Photoshop, 3dsmax and After Effects.
Watch it: From Thursday 18 October on BBC4 at 9pm.

House of Tiny Tearaways

Post house: Beautiful TV
Client: Outline Productions for BBC 3

Brief: To update the House of Tiny Tearaways graphics to reflect the new house.
How it was done: The house was made to resemble a dolls’ house which giant toddlers would knock down. Four toddlers were shot in chroma-key on HDV, they were then edited in-house in Final Cut Studio. The house and logo were modelled in Cinema 4D by creative director Nic Freeman. The toddlers and 3D elements were composited and graded in After Effects by Freeman and Hazel Baird.
Watch it: Monday 19 November on BBC3.