The David Brady and Dan Gable backed investment vehicle DIA is taking a 10% stake in The Crewing Company (TCC).

The deal will give the recruitment and crewing firm access to DIA’s business and sales experience as it looks to expand into new areas such as post-production.

“We’d reached a stage where if we wanted to take the company to the next level we either had to bring in the right people or merge with another company,” said Stuart Hatton, joint managing director. “When we met with DIA, they seemed like a very suitable bunch to work with. They bring huge experience and great contacts.”

As a result of the deal, TCC will now work closely with hire company Alias Smith and Singh, also part-owned by DIA, providing fully kitted out shooting crews.

The Pinewood Studios based company will also look to open new branches in other parts of the UK including Soho, Hackney and Manchester.

Further plans include the establishment of a ‘virtual’ PA service for its roster of freelancers, the appointment of new consultants and taking on talent working in stills, graphics and web design.

The Crewing Company people have worked on a huge range of programming from Police Interceptors and The One Show to Are You Smarter Than a Ten Year Old? (pictured) and The Jeremy Kyle Show.