Football and repeats dominate the week’s viewing, while True Love runs smooth for BBC1.

All round smarty-pants Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. With each passing day, the European crisis worsens as the latest ‘plan’ to solve it fails just like the spookily similar ‘plan’ from the day before. The Eurozone is threatening to take everyone with it.

So, mischievously, Euro 2012 has thrown up a delicious fixture: a quarter-final between benighted Greece and its Euro master, Germany, on Friday 22 June.

BBC1 and ITV1’s schedules were dominated by football and repeats. ITV1 had the first England match, kicking off at 5pm against France on Monday. Without the usual imperial evocations, expectations were low. However, viewing wasn’t: ITV1’s coverage averaged 9 million/47% (incl +1), peaking at 6.45pm with 15.3 million/60% (excl +1).

The half-time blather, significantly for ITV1’s revenue as it is where the ads are, achieved close to 11 million/52% (excl +1); 65% share for 16-34s and 55% for ABC1’s. Both are excl +1, although very few people watch live football on +1 anyway.

Later that evening, the other game in England’s group, Ukraine v Sweden, achieved 5.3 million/ 22% for BBC1, peaking at 9.30pm with 7.5 million/31%. At 9pm, ITV1 wisely aired a Benidorm repeat, which was watched by 2.7 million/11% (165,000 +1).

BBC1’s normal Tuesday night schedule was down just a tad on last week. Holby City and Silk each achieved 4.5 million/19% at 8pm and 9pm respectively. ITV1’s Poland v Russia coverage averaged 5.9 million/25% (incl +1), which is light years ahead of ITV1’s usual Tuesdays.

The best non-England match was BBC1’s Holland v Germany, which averaged 7 million/31%, well ahead of ITV1’s Midsomer Murders repeat (3.3 million/14%; 191,000 +1) from 8pm.

On Thursday, 6.4 million/28% watched Ireland being dumped out of the competition by Spain live on ITV1. At 9pm, BBC1’s repeat of Call the Midwife mustered just 2 million/9%. A biblical thunderstorm delayed the Ukraine v France afternoon game on ITV1 (4.6 million/30%), knocking the schedule on by an hour and moving Emmerdale to 8.30pm –slap bang against England, hence its 3.6 million/14% (incl +1).

BBC1’s England v Sweden coverage was the biggest draw of the week with 11 million/45% from 7pm; 5.1 million/49% for ABC1s and 2.4 million/50% for 16-34s.  The peak came at 9.45pm with 16.3 million/60%. ITV1’s repeat of Lewis achieved 1.9 million/8% (incl +1) from 9pm.

On Saturday at 6pm, ITV1 launched Primeval – its first terrestrial run after airing on Watch – to 2.5 million/14%, with a hefty 400,000 on +1. BBC1’s Pointless Celebrities defeated it with 3.5 million/19%. Later, BBC1 chose the Czech Republic v Poland (5.7 million/26%) match but, unexpectedly, the drama was unfolding simultaneously on BBC3, where in front of 864,000/4% (152,000/0.7% on BBC HD) Greece were knocking out Russia. At 8pm, ITV1’s Agatha Christie’s Poirot achieved 2.1 million/9% (158,000 +1).

ITV1’s best non-England performance was Sunday’s Portugal v Holland (6.9 million/28%. Antiques Roadshow stood up best on BBC1 with 5.1 million/21% at 7.30pm. At 10.25pm, BBC1’s semi-improvised drama True Love launched to 3.1 million/18%.