New five-year carriage deal with Sky sees per sunscriber rate cut by 5 per cent
Flextech has become the latest channel provider to have its per subscriber rates cut, with BSkyB snipping 10 per cent off its agreed fee to carry the channels, writes Simon Ellery

The revised terms, part of a new five-year carriage deal between Flextech and Sky, includes all 13 of Flextech's wholly owned channels and the UK TV portfolio, including UK Gold, Bravo and Living. The deal will see Flextech's Trouble Radio service become available to Sky's 5.7 million subscribers. Additional new services and interactive developments also form part of the deal.

Flextech's renegotiated terms are the latest in an anticipated overhaul of per subscriber rates across the industry as the number of channels increases. MTV has already been forced to accept lower rates from cable firms (Broadcast, 21.12.01).

Flextech chief executive Mark Luiz said: 'In securing long-term distribution to Sky's growing customer base, this new deal demonstrates that Flextech continues to be a major player in UK broadcasting.'