Former International Broadcast Facilities (IBF) chief executive Terry Smith, who recently joined Silverglade Post as business development manager, is aiming to improve the skills of people entering the industry by championing a range of new training courses.

Smith trained as a careers coach after working for the BBC for 25 years and has established relationships with Westminster, Roehampton and Ravensbourne colleges. He has lectured widely to students studying media.

As part of his new job he will develop “basic and practical” training for new entrants.

He said: “There are lots of specific courses for young people wanting to edit or become dubbing mixers but I think there is a lack of soft skills among people wanting to move into the industry.”

He cites CV collation, networking, presentation, and upwards management as examples of soft skills. “Handling relationships with superiors is an essential skill for newcomers to the industry,” he said.

Courses are likely to take the form of day-long or half-day modules for which the company would charge a small fee.

Smith argues that there is the potential to develop a funding arrangement with industry trade bodies such as UK Screen further down the line.

He is currently on the training committee of UK Screen and is one of the candidates for the new round of board elections.