BBC 2012 Olympic Games director Roger Mosey is in discussions with Japanese public broadcaster NHK about how its Super Hi Vision images could be used at the London Olympics.

A test transmission of the 7680 x 4320 pixel technology will be made later this month to ensure that the corporation can get signals from London to Japan.

Super Hi Vision has 16 times more resolution than HD and is currently being looked at for public display purposes, rather than broadcast applications as these are still considered some years off.

Mosey told the IBC Daily: “We are very hopeful for Super Hi Vision, because it would almost certainly be just one camera, so it isn’t as if we have to rig for hundreds of cameras at multiple locations.

The test transmission will feature the rock band The Charlatans and images gathered at Team GB Taekwondo bouts.

Mosey said: “It will probably end up being used at a few test screens for public viewing.”