Hosted by Claudia Winkleman, The Piano invited people from all walks of life to show o their skills on train station pianos. Unbeknown to them, they were taking part in a secret competition, judged by concert pianist Lang Lang and pop star Mika.

Our panel of judges said the stripped-back production allowed for a diverse range of personal stories to come to the fore, demonstrating how the piano can help people overcome challenges such as drug abuse and mental health issues.

One said the format’s combination of documentary values and talent show was “fresh and distinctive”.

Another observed: “It is hard to do a shiny-floor talent show without a shiny floor and lots of lights, but this show reinvented the talent show with an authenticity and real-world reference that was refreshing.”

Broadcast Awards (31)

Judges praised the casting of Lang Lang and Mika, with one describing them as “skilful at “digging out what is unique – or ordinary – about each performer”.

Above all, the panel praised the diversity of the casting, with one judge describing it as “the real achievement” of the show.

“Young, old, newbies, different races, genders, backgrounds – that universality of music. Playing it out in a real space, with a real audience, is a triumph,” they added.


Dreaming Whilst Black
Big Deal Films for BBC

The breakout performances and “brilliant” central character stand out in this comedy drama exploring the Black British experience. One judge said: “The whole cast performed with real heart and soul”, while another felt it had a “good mix of specificity and wide, relatable elements”.

dreaming whilst black


Gregg Wallace: The British Miracle Meat
Untold Studios for Channel 4

This innovative and unusual hoax piece, masquerading as a features show, weighs up the benefits of eating human meat to make a hard-hitting point about the cost-of-living crisis.

Gregg Wallace The British Miracle Meat


How To Survive A Dictator with Munya Chawawa
Rumpus Media for Channel 4

In this unique documentary, Munya Chawawa balances comedy, sketches and personal experience to explore the rise of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and the impact it has had on Chawawa’s family.



I Kissed A Boy
Twofour for BBC

The UK’s first gay dating show breaks new ground for queer representation. The judges said it shows an often misunderstood community in a compelling and innovative way.

I Kissed A Boy


The Traitors
Studio Lambert for BBC

The UK adaptation of the Dutch competition format struck a chord with audiences who loved the addictive psychological gameplay and drama. The judges said the “brilliant casting” and “cosy treachery” made it an instant hit.


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