“The boys-with-toys element was an unfortunate distraction.” Read on for the verdict on last night’s TV.

“On the whole, the boys-with-toys element was an unfortunate distraction from what could have been a fascinating documentary.”
Brian Viner, the Independent

“Instead of admitting that it was just setting off bombs for the purpose of entertainment it persisted in claiming that this exercise was providing scientists with valuable information.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“The London blitz started 70 years ago. Blitz Street treated it like a laboratory experiment, measuring precisely what happens when 250kg of high explosive TNT hits a house.”
Nancy Banks-Smith, the Guardian


“30 Rock is, quite simply, one of TV’s funniest shows of the moment - and that’s because Fey’s script luxuriates in odd detail.”
Alex Hardy, the Times


“In iCandy, the flashes were most present in pop-culture take offs: if, as imagined here, Louis Theroux met Hitler, he probably would say “I’d never met the most-hated man in history before, but I’d hoped we’d get along”.”
Alex Hardy, the Times

“Less of an A to Z more of a graphic Bible, the Mappa Mundi needs a lot of explaining to be fully appreciated and this programme did a fair job.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express