Wonderful Wales

Wildflame Productions

‘We don’t clock-watch or call people out if they happen to leave the office early or arrive late. We trust our staff to do their jobs’

Gold Rush_CC

Coffee & TV

‘We can’t change the fact that great work is hard work, but we can ensure everyone gets time and space to recharge’

Top Indies

  • paul_ogrady_for_the_love_of_dogs_01_2

    MultiStory Media

    ‘We have a relaxed, friendly, energetic and noisy culture that helps build trust and cohesion’

  • High Confessions Of An Ibiza Drig Mule

    Blast! Films

    ‘We reach out beyond the established pool of talent to find people outside the London TV bubble – and even outside the industry’

  • who_wants_to_be_a_millionaire_celebrity_special_02

    Stellify Media

    ‘Making TV is hard work – but it should also be fun’

  • 23245399-high_res-the-outlaws

    Big Talk Productions

    ‘There is a culture of cross-departmental interaction and socialising’

  • 24 Hours In A&E 04

    The Garden

    ‘We understand the importance of work/life balance and never want our staff to miss key life moments’

  • 20847371-high-

    Bad Wolf

    ‘Success is built on the shoulders of failure – we don’t see failure as de-motivating but a step towards another bash at success’

  • 22954840-high_res-mary-berry-love-to-cook

    Sidney Street

    ‘We encourage production management to be part of creative conversations’

  • 05-JanetJackson

    Workerbee TV

    ‘Our staffing flexibility has increased the number of people worldwide we can employ and opened the door to new talent’

  • Helicopter ER

    Air TV

    ‘Attracting and retaining the best people is the most important thing we do’


  • JoJo and Gran Gran - It's Time to Go to the Hairdresser's_V2

    A Productions

    ‘We encourage staff to explore other roles in the company and we participate in school outreach programmes’

  • Saved By A Stranger

    Blink Films

    ‘Blink has a high staff retention, and we love to give people a break when they are ready’

  • Digby Dragon

    Blue Zoo

    ‘We’re hugely proud to be the world’s first major animation studio to be B Corp Certified’

  • 15722288-high_res-ambulance-s3


    ‘Our priority is to be a nice place to work, and that means being kind, respectful, safe, fair, inclusive and supportive’

  • 22996680-high_res-almas-not-normal


    ‘We encourage staff to monitor schedules and offer lieu days in return for extensive days over busy periods’

  • The Hunt for Bible John

    Firecrest Films

    ‘We invest heavily in staff development and training, promoting from within with careful support and mentoring’

  • an_audience_with_adele_04

    Fulwell 73

    ‘We believe in enabling and empowering everyone to be an entrepreneurial creative who treats fellow family members with love and respect’

  • The Wheel

    Hungry Bear

    ‘If people come with positive energy and a desire to work hard, we nurture them’

  • Hippos

    Icon Films

    ‘We look for individuals who can demonstrate their passion, desire and drive to be the best they can be’

  • Wonders of the Celtic Deep Image 2

    One Tribe

    ‘We have a young team who are often learning how the industry works’

  • Love It Or List It

    Raise The Roof

    ‘To retain the best talent, we will always consider requests for flexible working’

  • Cops on the Rock

    Rare TV

    ‘Television is a high-pressure environment. We share the pressure as a team rather than let it fall on individuals’

  • 22439565-high_res-pointless-2021

    Remarkable Television

    ‘We encourage a relaxed, friendly and inclusive atmosphere with creativity and ambition at the forefront of all development and production’

  • Lilys Driftwood Bay

    Sixteen South

    ‘We offer everyone the opportunity for promotion and to grow into the job of their dreams’

  • The Great British Dig

    Strawberry Blond TV

    ‘We want everyone to feel valued and that they have a stake in the company’


    Studio Ramsay

    ‘We strive for a positive, fun, warm workplace with a nurturing spirit’

  • Formula One

    The Whisper Group

    ‘We do quarterly wellness activities and offer talks from wellness experts’

Top Non-Indies

  • Outlander s5

    Asolute Post

    ‘The bedrock for our growth has always been creating an environment with a family feel, in which creativity can flourish’

  • Finecast logo


    ‘We believe work is something you do, not a place you go. That’s why we launched our Flexible Working Policy in 2019’

  • love_island_sr7_ep1_83


    ‘Our staff are always professional, approachable and helpful, and it is this atmosphere that we foster’

  • 23985231-high_res-peaky-blinders-vi

    Mad Dog Casting

    ‘Mad Dog is changing its ownership structure and creating employee ownership as a consequence of our focus on wellbeing’

  • An La

    MG Alba

    ‘We celebrate success together – everyone across the organisation makes a contribution to all the work we do’

  • 22560040-high_res-your-home-made-perfect-s3

    Rapid Pictures & Radiant Post Production

    ‘We want staff to enjoy coming to work and take pride in what they do, while working to the highest standards’

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