“It’s a triumph of small-screen action, popcorn-worthy and overblown”

Bulletproof: South Africa

“This is a glossy spectacle of a show that is indebted to Hollywood. It’s a triumph of small-screen action, popcorn-worthy and overblown. It drags you along for the ride, even if you are best advised not to look too closely for the cracks.”
Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian

“The Repair Shop is essentially bereavement counselling in the guise of mending. Yes, it’s formulaic but it’s a slice of low-key sanity and emotional healing and you can’t say fairer than that.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“The Repair Shop never fails to unearth treasures with deep sentimental value. Watching the restorers reassemble and revive these items is both relaxing and absorbing.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

Grand Designs, Channel 4

“In last night’s Grand Designs Leigh and Richard took on a project, it worked magnificently and came in at just under £300,000. Even Kevin McCloud, who adores looking on the gloomy side of these things, couldn’t find much to nitpick here. This lovely couple with their two dogs took a different sort of risk, remained cheerfully positive and it came good. Which is exactly the sort of wholesome content and can-do spirit required right now.”
Carol Midgley, The Times

“The mill’s dire state brought presenter Kevin McCloud’s obsession with saving old properties at any cost into sharp relief – or, to be more charitable, displayed the ever-present tension between money, time, and preserving what you can. In the end, of course, it looked marvellous, as even McCloud could admit.”
Barbara Speed, The i

“This Farming Life features several families at once, and the dynamics in each household are as interesting as the animal husbandry. The BBC is often accused of ignoring the countryside, but at least in this series it gives pampered townies a window into a world of hard work.”
Anita Singh, The Telegraph

World’s Greatest Treasure Mysteries, Sky History

“I shouldn’t have been surprised that World’s Greatest Treasure Mysteries did not end with anyone unearthing a single bit of treasure. But it was a bit underwhelming, nonetheless.”
Barbara Speed, The i