The consumer demand for more, high quality content, delivered more quickly than ever, is presenting fundamental challenges to the media supply chain, according to a report published by the Digital Production Partnership (DPP).

“Everyone agrees consumer behaviours will drive significant change in how content is supplied,” said DPP managing director Mark Harrison.

“The real question is just how it will reshape the existing triumvirate of producer, broadcaster and online platform.”

21st Century Fox chief technology officer Paul Cheesebrough added: “Other sectors, such as consumer products and publishing, have had to transform their business models and change the way they think about technology both internally and externally. We’re increasingly seeing the same level of disruption in the media and entertainment industry - and with this comes a need to think differently and move more quickly in the way we think, execute and operate.”

Harrison and Cheesebrough were speaking during a round table of 20 industry executives held at NAB.

Highlights of the conversation were subsequently published in a DPP report entitled The Need for Speed, backed by Ooyala, that was released on 10 May.