New products and technology developments from IBC 2009 featuring Da Vinci, SIS Live, VidiGo and Blackmagic Design.

Da Vinci shows Resolve

Da Vinci Systems is showing a new version of its Resolve grading system at IBC that can manipulate stereo 3D content and is 30% cheaper than its predecessors. Resolve R-360-3D grades at 30fps with 2K playback and features a 3D HD SDI display output.

SIS launches flyaway kit

SIS LIVE is unveiling a compact flyaway kit at IBC. Built for sporting events, business seminars and newsgathering, the RouteCase (pictured) features a Callisto Micro vision mixer, a wireless camera link and quad-split monitoring, and is small enough to be carry-on luggage on a plane.

VidiGo enables Flash

VidiGo will use IBC to launch VidiGo Graphics HD, a software tool that enables professional broadcasters to insert Flash graphics or PC content into a professional SD or HD SDI on-air stream. It can add content from YouTube or Skype, for example, without the need for scan-converters or lengthy workflows.

Blackmagic conjurs trio

Blackmagic Design will unveil three new additions to its Mini Converter product line at IBC. One de-embeds audio from an SDI video stream, the second is an audio embedder and the third is a unit that bi-directionally converts between fibre optic cable and SDI.