iBurbia Studios has opened a new media lab at MediaCityUK. 

Located in the Greenhouse building on the MediaCityUK campus, the interactive lab will provide access to a suite of UK TV systems for software developers, researchers and senior industry managers. 

It follows iBurbia’s decision at the end of last year to pull out of The Landing at MediaCityUK due to a  row over connectivity.

iBurbia managing director Lizzie Newman said: “It was always our intention to add a MediaCity facilty as it is fast becoming the focal point of TV and device innovation in the North West.”

The iBurbia office will offer access to working accounts with all the major set top boxes in the UK market, smart TVs, tablets and games platforms. 

It also offers access to live TV systems in the US, Ireland and European platforms. 

“[MediaCity] is a natural home for a facility like iBurbia, and we look forward to adding the research and usability labs to the capability before the end of the year,” added Newman.

MediaCityUK managing director Stephen Wild said: “The interactive media lab strengthens our current media facility offering by bringing in first class technical amenities to cater for our on-site community and those doing business here. 

“We are pleased that iBurbia Studios have decided to locate the lab within the Greenhouse, as it houses a hot bed of media and creative businesses that are evolving with our city. We look forward to seeing the exciting work coming out of the lab and to the events that the iBurbia team are planning.”

iBurbia is a subsidiary of consultancy firm Decipher. It has facilities in London and Glasgow’s Pacific Quay.