Loft London has bought a Signiant digital media distribution management software suite as part of a new media hub installation at its South London facility.

With the new kit in place, the duplication and digital media boutique plans to offer a digital media traffic management service to broadcasters and content creators.

The set-up will deal with the scheduling, asset preparation, asset bandwidth allocation and asset tracking of file movement between locations.

Loft London partner Davide Maglio explained the reasons behind the Signiant deal. “There are many tools on the market today that can move a file very fast between two locations, but that's useless if they have moved the wrong media to the wrong place at the wrong time. Asset preparation is a very important factor in the digital traffic management process.

“We like the fact that we can get delivery receipts from the Signiant software to inform us the media has arrived at its destination and is in good working condition, a feature that's just not possible when using FTP or traditional WAN acceleration-only tools.”

Loft London is already in talks with multinational broadcasters about various projects for the new hub, which is nearing the final stages of construction.

Signiant is used by the BBC, Five and NBC among others.

Loft London is a high-end transcode, ingest, encode, storage and digital distribution facility.