Cleanliness is next to godliness for BBC head of arts commissioning Franny Moyle, but to watch Big Brother is to sup with the devil.
How could a show about the underneath of someone's bed and the inside of a fridge possibly work? Well, cast a couple of unexpectedly glam cleaning ladies to apply forensic scrutiny to the effluvia and domestic detritus of some hapless batchelor and somehow our natural prurience makes How Clean Is Your House? (Channel 4, Wednesday 21 May 20.30) a hit.No such practical application or wholesome outcome for Big Brother (C4, Friday 23 May 20.30) which offers the nation only a reflection of its appetite for voyeurism in its purest form. But the brilliant casting and smart twist in nomination format drew me in again this year. And like a guilty child, afterwards I wished I hadn't enjoyed it.