The software automates repetitive tasks, improves search and increases delivery speeds

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Strada was on-site at NAB 2024 to demo its AI-powered workflow technology platform, which is currently in beta. It’s the first time anyone has been able to have an up-close look at the technology.

The startup was launched by brothers Michael and Peter Cioni 10 months ago to offer AI-powered workflow tech.

The software has a clean, easy-to-use design and interface, enabling straightforward access to a range of useful, time-saving AI tools.

Strada’s features include:

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Transcribe/Translate – Automatically create searchable captions in more than 100 languages.

Tag/Analyse – Automatically tag objects, people, locations, and emotions for advanced search and filtering.

Transfer – Strada connects Dropbox, Google Drive and, allowing users to access and modify their media within a single GUI, as well as transfer between these destinations.

Transcode – Export metadata-rich files for editing and distribution via an intuitive interface.

Michael Cioni, co-founder and CEO of Strada, said: “The post-production community has been facing many of the same problems for decades – problems I myself am all too familiar with as a creator and advisor to other creative professionals. So we set out to build a solution. No other tool or technology on the market does what Strada can do. It automates tedious and repetitive tasks, improves search, increases delivery speeds, and saves time and money, all of which allow creators in any market segment to significantly up-level the quality of their content. We’re so excited to give NAB attendees the first look at the future of workflow automation.”

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