Integration allows users to find moments with natural language

Blackbird Twelve Labs AI

Blackbird has partnered with Twelve Labs to integrate its AI-powered video search to its cloud editing platform.

The integration allows users to search video using natural language through a plugin, which adds Twelve Labs’ indexing technology and AI auto sequencing productivity tool. 

Analysis of content is performed with no user intervention, which then allows video editors to directly query their footage with natural language search to construct edit sequences for onward crafting or publishing.

Jae Lee, co-founder and CEO of Twelve Labs, said: “We envision a future where editors supercharge their workflows. Instead of a blank canvas, they can start with a rough cut and refine it from there, saving countless hours of scrubbing and stitching. Such a meaningful improvement over current approaches is possible through our work with Blackbird, in conjunction with the future possibilities for integrating our new Pegasus model. Together, we can remove some of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks for editors and push the boundaries of what is possible; we can craft the future of narrative excellence.”

Ian McDonough, Blackbird CEO, added: “Blackbird has always prided itself on its speed and efficiency and the advent of AI technologies is key to improving that further. The landscape is changing fast when it comes to storytelling, and where AI can really make a difference is in making the process faster and more enjoyable. Twelve Labs’ technology addresses this well through its fast developing natural language recognition model and we are excited to be getting closer to offering this to our Blackbird customers.”