“The TV equivalent of a nice fruit salad.” Read on for the critics' full verdict on last night's TV.

Rehab, Living
“She [Alicia Duvall] has had more than 100 plastic surgery procedures, and in one month she is scheduled to have two of her toes shortened. And so the essential drama of Rehab is established. Can Passages get to Alicia before the plastic surgeons get to her toes?”
Tanya Gold, The Guardian

Rehab, Living
“This shouldn't have been funny, but her medical had its own in-built comedy.”
Tim Teeman, The Times

How Reading Made Us Modern, BBC4
“The TV equivalent of a nice fruit salad - good for you, but surprising enjoyable too - How Reading Made Us Modern was a juicy satsuma of a programme on the history of books.”
Andrea Mullaney, The Scotsman

Nature's Great Events, BBC1
“This was an old-school nature programme: stunning to look at and best served with cocoa.”
Tim Teeman, The Times