“The crime scenes are picturesque”

Shetland s4

Shetland, BBC1

The crime scenes are picturesque. It is probably not designed to make you think about moving to Shetland, but it still has that effect. All those bodies piling up over the last five years, yet it is still driving traffic to the tourist board’s website.
Tim Dowling, The Guardian

Savage, frightening and thoroughbly watchable. I’m just not sure Visit Scotland would approve.
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

Shetland at least proves that we are content with being told the same kind of story over and over as long as there’s a sense that it’s going somewhere. I’m already hooked.
James Jackson, The Times

this lovingly made, largely captivating programme felt more like an anthropomorphic primer.
James Jackson, The Times

Rather than capturing the magic of Ikea (or the hell of it), this BBC treatment invents dramas out of the undramatic. Will the bookcase units pass the stringent water tests? Will the new Sheffield store open in time? Who cares?
Matt Baylis, Daily Express