‘Thought-provoking & educational with brilliant talent’ 

Plum Pictures & Imhotep Studio for Channel 4

Bangers: Mad for Cars aims to bring back the nation’s love of cars and show that secondhand can be just as cool as new. Presenters Tinie Tempah and Naomi Schiff embark on a series of challenges to find the best car from the 80s, 90s and 00s, and features celebrity guest appearances from the likes of Ian Wright, Tom Kerridge, Guz Khan and Patrice Evra. The show succeeds in “reframing car fandom and a passion for customisation, making it feel young, urban and cool” commented one judge. 

Another described the show as “thought-provoking and educational”. 

Sponsored by eBay, the show helps position the online auction platform’s Car Parts and Accessories section as the best destination for all car repair and customisation needs. And there’s strong evidence it succeeded – independent survey found viewers were four times more likely to consider eBay than non-viewers of the show.  

Best Content Partnership

“Well produced and with great young talent at the helm, Bangers: Mad for Cars puts the brand front and centre,” one judge commented. 

The show was made instantly available on Channel 4 streaming and across third-party platforms on the launch date and achieved over 2.2 million views in total. 




Alan Cumming’s Paradise Homes 
Lion Television Scotland for HGTV 

When Velux approached Lion about new marketing opportunities to complement their standard advertising campaigns, the two companies put their heads together to create a property and travelogue TV series would have global entertainment appeal as well as featuring product placement. The resulting series showcases beautiful homes and their interesting owners while subtly featuring VELUX products. Alan Cumming was chosen to front the show because of his international profile, passion for architecture and effervescent personality.  


Cooking With The Stars 
South Shore Productions for ITV1 

This 6-part studio-based cooking competition sees celebrities taught to cook by world-class chefs. The show is 80% funded by Marks and Spencer’s and aims to portray it as a full-service supermarket. Airing primetime on ITV1, the show reached an impressive 10m viewers across the third series and returns for series four this summer. It continues to be hugely successful for M&S, measuring a £5 return for the supermarket for every £1 spent on cooking with the stars. 


e. l. f – Ready or Not 
Wall of Productions for Channel 4.0 YouTube 

Partnering with e.l.f. cosmetics, Channel 4.0’s Ready or Not connects the brand with its Gen Z viewers. Fronted by Adeola Patronne, Ready or Not sees her influencer crew try their hand at wacky new jobs ranging from mucking in at a vegan animal sanctuary to training with an ex-Lioness. Averaging 6:53 watch time across the episodes, Ready or Not saw the highest ever average view duration across a Channel 4 Social Branded Entertainment series. 

My Right to Move

My Right To Move 
Gay Times for Channel 4 YouTube 

This partnership between Channel 4, Gay Time, LAD and VoltaroNaturals aims to improve equity and inclusion in the world of rugby. The series, fronted by former England rugby player Ugo Monye, is comprised of four documentaries exploring the experiences of rugby players from communities often marginalised by the sport. The campaign proved a success for Channel 4 and VoltaroNaturals, amassing over 6 million views, with 66% of viewers tested having an improved opinion of VoltaroNaturals. 

New_Model_Agency TO RESIZE

New Model Agency 
Salamanda  Media for Channel 4

New Model Agency’s vibrant graphics, music and shooting style aims to challenge the historically downbeat tone and perception of disability in television. Models who triumphed in the show’s competition format were featured in a nationwide M&S bra fit campaign, appearing on the side of buses, billboards and inside stores across the UK. Part funded by Marks and Spencer’s, New Model Agency received an amazing social reaction with Channel 4, smashing its 30-day streaming targets in just 8 days.