‘Great casting and fresh, layered take on a standard interview format that would be a joy to watch over a series’ 

 Shine TV – Channel 4 Documentaries YouTube 

Teens On Cons is the ground-breaking Channel 4 digital series in which five teenagers take it in turns to interview ex-prisoners including a murderer, a thief, a drug-dealer, and a kidnapper. The result is an insightful exploration of the grey areas of crime. The show also asks important questions about the nature and purpose of our criminal justice system – is its function to punish and deter, or reform and rehabilitate?  

Teen on Cons had a fantastic impact when it was uploaded, with over 14 million views across YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat over 5-episodes. This makes it one of Channel 4’s most watched original digital commissions.  

Best Short Form Format

Throughout the series, the teenage interviewers’ perspectives on criminals and crime were challenged, allowing these members of the younger generation to learn about, discuss and debate the realities of an often-overlooked subject. 

Judges described the show as “hard-hitting, honest, raw and complex”, with an “innovative feel”. 

One said: “Great casting and fresh, layered take on a standard interview format that would be a joy to watch over a series.”   




Big Deal Films for Channel 4.0 YouTube  

Humorous and charming, Goated reimagines the typical interview format, presented by social media star Billy the Goat. From the outset, we’re immersed in Billy’s world as he fearlessly tackles the icy depths of England’s coldest lake, in an aim to become “the very first Nigerian Viking”, all in preparation for his biggest challenge yet – interviewing rapper Unknown T from the confines of an ice bath.  


Honesty Box  
LADbible Group for LADbible TV  

Having only launched in 2023, Honest Box has generated a cross-platform viewership of 43.7 million users and is already in production for its third series in less than a year. Episodes have featured an NYC mafia boss, a former neo-Nazi, and Sadiq Khan. Questions for contributors are handpicked by producers from thousands of anonymous responses from LADnation, LADbible’s consumer research panel of 55,000 people. The aim is to enable an ‘honest’ dialogue that confronts subject matters the public wouldn’t normally dare ask.  


King Konan’s Trapdoor  
Ranga Bee for Channel 4.0 YouTube

King Konan’s Trapdoor refashions conflict resolution for Gen Z, tackling relatable disputes with the use of a trap door. Featuring a judging panel of British rappers and TikTok giants including Big Shaq and GK Barry, Internet-era dilemmas will be put to the test. Made up of a mixture of funny and fractious conflicts, this show speaks authentically to the Channel 4.0 audience.  


MTV Entertainment Studios International for MTV UK YouTube

For series three Queerpiphany aimed for a 50% increase in views from series two – it ended up with a 331% increase, hitting 16 million views. This trailblazing LGBTQ+ show has created a space in which celebrities are able to freely present their queer identities, leading to viral moments from high-profile stars including Amber Gill and NikkieTutorials. 

Tapped Out

Tapped Out
Wall of Productions for Channel 4.0 YouTube 

Tapped Out shakes up the prank series genre with its all-female cast, and has evolved further in its second series with set-ups involving football geezers in pubs, ignorant hairstylists, and Brazilian butt lift fundraisers. With over five million views in its debut series, it is an instant hit among the 13-24 age group, acting as a platform where female creativity, diversity, and innovation can shine.