Scam Interceptors might be unscripted, but nonetheless our judges praised it as a “powerful drama” that “left you feeling like you’d watched a primetime thriller”.

“A surprising and riveting show,” said one. “I want to commend the production team for the extraordinary quality of storytelling, with particular praise for the edit and the grade.

“This is public service broadcasting at its best – all the jury felt that this show was offering the public a real service, with valuable takeaway that might save viewers from being scammed.”

Broadcast Awards (27)

Scam Interceptors allows viewers to watch scams being carried out in real time, working with ethical hacker Jim Browning, who gains access to criminal call centres abroad. The production team then has a small timeframe in which to try to intervene and warn off the victims.

Now in its second series, the show averaged 1.2 million across its two-week 10am run, with one episode reaching 1.7 million – by far the highest figures in that slot for the whole of 2023.

“This format is the most innovative thing I’ve seen on TV for a long time – it’s on-theedge- of-your-seat watching,” one judge commented.

Another praised the “dynamic” team and described it as “the standout show and a fresh way into investigative journalism”.


Triple Brew Media for ITV1

Produced in Manchester, Lingo is a fast-paced gameshow that looks like a quiz but is entirely based on word puzzles. It features a diverse range of contestants, who battle it out to win a £15,000 jackpot in front of an average audience of 1.1 million.


Lorraine: Breast Cancer Special

ITV Studios for ITV1

Last October, for the first time in the show’s history, Lorraine dedicated the entire one-hour programme to raising awareness of breast cancer. The cause is particularly close to the show’s heart, as three members of the small production team have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past few years.

Lorraine Breast Cancer Special_400x225

Make It At Market

Flabbergast TV for BBC

Make It At Market is an ambitious business and craft show that eschews competition and weekly eliminations, instead helping talented amateur makers build sustainable, life-changing businesses with the help of maker-in-chief Dom Chinea and his team of creative, entrepreneurial mentors.


Strangers On A Plane

Strawberry Blond for Channel 4

In Strangers On A Plane – a series that aims to look like a primetime show on a daytime budget – five strangers go on holiday together and compete to see who can host the best 24 hours. The results, which spanned 60 locations across four countries, were captured on drones, GoPros, car mounts, gimbals and underwater cameras.

Strangers on a Plane

The Finish Line

Potato & Nice One Productions for BBC

Requiring moving podiums and a formidable number of questions per episode, The Finish Line was a hugely ambitious idea to bring to life on a daytime quiz budget. It was built on the foundations of a brand new co-production partnership, using diverse talent from Belfast and London.