“A true depiction of dating in the modern age. This format needed to happen”

Twofour for BBC

Twofour’s I Kissed A Boy carved out a unique space in the reality landscape as the UK’s first exclusively LGBT+ dating show.

The format takes a group of single men and sets them up in a sun-kissed villa, with host and gay icon Danii Minogue overseeing their romantic entanglements.

The men are paired up and share their first kiss before even introducing themselves, and the series also features dramatic ‘kiss-offs’ where the men decide if they want to continue their relationships. But while the storylines are dramatic, the contestants are treated with respect throughout and never caricatured.

Broadcast Awards (42)

To make the show as authentic as possible, the crew were themselves mainly LGBT+, while the cast were men who challenged gay stereotypes, helping the show more accurately represent the gay community.

One judge described it as a “true depiction of dating in the modern age within a community often misunderstood and misrepresented”.

I Kissed A Boy was a hit not only with gay audiences but also with female viewers, who accounted for 53% of the show’s overall audience. A female-led spin-off is already in the works.

As one judge summed up: “This format needed to happen.”


Spike Milligan: The Unseen Archive
Yeti Television for Sky Arts

Moving and quirky, this film uses Milligan’s private treasure trove of previously unseen cassettes, film reels and scripts to provide new insight into the comedy legend. Friends and fans, including Joanna Lumley, Al Murray and Ian Hislop are shown encountering this material for the first time.

Spike Milligan The Unseen Archive


Married At First Sight UK
CPL Productions for E4

The social experiment cemented its commitment to authentic diversity by featuring its first trans, pansexual and physically disabled contributors, as it continued to stoke wider societal conversations around gender roles, power imbalances, intimacy and infidelity.

Married at First Sight Australia S10 Ep3

Rolf Harris: Hiding In Plain Sight
Optomen for ITVX

This three-parter takes a meticulous but unsensational approach to both its interviews with the survivors of Harris’s abuse and its handling of archive footage. By providing his victims with a platform to tell their stories, the film helps viewers fully understand how the late broadcaster managed to hide his crimes for so many years.

Rolf Harris Hiding in Plain Sight

Sexsomnia: Case Closed?
UK Insight and BBC Three for BBC

This single follows Jade, who brings the man she believes raped her to court, only for the case to be dropped when she is accused of ‘Sexsomnia’ – a form of sleepwalking that causes people to have sex in their sleep. Her fight for justice sparked a national debate and calls for changes to the law.


The Ice Cream Wars
Two Rivers Media for BBC Scotland

First-hand testimony and dramatic reconstructions combine in this recounting of the bloody gangland battle over ice-cream van routes in Glasgow during the 1990s and an infamous miscarriage of justice.

The Ice Cream Wars