“Eurovision 2023 was the perfect celebration of music and unity”

BBC Studios for BBC

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest was held in Liverpool after 2022 winner Ukraine was unable to host due to the ongoing Russian invasion, and BBC Studios stepped up to the plate to successfully deliver the competition to an audience of more than 160 million.

While it was filmed in Liverpool, the producers went the extra mile to incorporate Ukraine in the production, with Ukrainian off-screen talent involved in all areas of production, from editorial to cameras and lighting.

At the flag parade, music from Ukrainian folktronica band Go A was played alongside hits from British groups Blur and The Chemical Brothers, as part of the show’s efforts to celebrate the cultures of both countries.

Broadcast Awards (23)

BBC Studios began the production two months behind the traditional schedule, following the announcement that Ukraine would be unable to host the event.

Despite this, the producers rolled up their sleeves and came up with a new blueprint for delivering the show using the CuePilot system, which synced up all departments to one timecode and allowed for a fast turnover of notes from 37 delegations.

One judged called “Eurovision 2023 the perfect celebration of music and unity”, while another praised the producers for making “Ukraine feel at home in the streets of Liverpool”.


Elton John Live: Farewell From Dodger Stadium
Fulwell 73 for Disney+

Global superstar Elton John performing his last ever show at the close of his North American tour was always going to be a big occasion. His biggest musical hits were captured on 28 cameras inside Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium.


Glastonbury 2023

BBC Studios for BBC

Glastonbury 2023 boasted a starstudded line-up headlined by Elton John’s last ever UK performance. The production achieved record digital audiences, with more than 65 million streams on BBC iPlayer.



One Big Night Of Musicals By The National Lottery
TBI Media for BBC

Jason Manford and the casts of some of the UK’s best-loved theatre shows took the West End out of London and brought it to televisions across the country, making it more accessible to audiences who aren’t regular theatregoers.

Big Night of Musicals


Sam Smith Live At The Royal Albert Hall
Mercury Studios & SiFi Productions for TikTok

Viewers watching Sam Smith’s live performance on TikTok were made to feel as if they were inside the Royal Albert Hall thanks to a camera moving through the crowd. TikTok proved the perfect platform for fan engagement, with Smith’s latest hit Unholy generating more than 3 million reactions as it was performed.



The Coronation Concert
BBC Studios for BBC

Together with performances from household names, The Coronation Concert placed a special focus on King Charles’ passions – most notably his commitment to environmentalism, which was showcased with a spectacular aerial drone display of natural world imagery.