“Turns parts of the curriculum into an accessible and fun experience for its audience”

Omens Studios’ 123 Number Squad! follows the adventures of Paula, Tim, Billy and Numero, best friends with a shared love of numbers who hang out together in their playroom HQ before springing into action when Numberville citizens encounter mathematical challenges.

123 Number Squad! was praised by the judges for its commitment to education and for “bringing the classroom to the living room”.

With the help of education consultant Elizabeth Draper, the animated series turns parts of The Early Year Foundation and Key Stage 1 curriculums into an accessible and fun experience for its audience. The show is carefully designed so that it is understandable for four and five year-olds, but also appeals to and stretches six year-olds.

Broadcast Awards (43)

The producers recognise the importance of turning mathematical mistakes into positive experiences, viewing them as part of solving a problem.

One judge applauded the series for its potential to turn pre-schoolers into “fearless and curious mathematicians who are unafraid of getting answers wrong in their classes at school”. 123 Number Squad!, an international co-production between the UK and Singapore, is a spin-off from Omens Studios’ Counting With Paula.


Pop Paper City
LoveLove Films for Channel 5 Milkshake!

This innovative 3D show follows the adventures of a group of friends who live in a city full of paper. Produced by a small studio in Dorset and funded by the YACF (Young Audiences Content Fund), Pop Paper City prides itself on its creative excellence, inspiring children to showcase their artistic talents.



Pip And Posy
Magic Light Pictures for Channel 5 Milkshake! & Sky Kids

Pip And Posy has the value of friendship at its core and teaches young audiences to overcome problems through the adventures of the two best friends. The series is now on its second season following its launch on C5’s Milkshake! and has since aired on Sky Kids.


Roots & Fruits

Plum Films for CBeebies

A musical variety show featuring fruit and vegetables that teach pre-schoolers about the food on their plates. Valuable life lessons are hidden throughout the show – for example, strawberry, whose seeds grow on the outside, teaches that it’s OK to be different.


The Makery

Terrific Television for Sky Kids

Anything is possible inside The Makery, in this show that encourages audiences to explore their imaginations and be as creative as possible. The Makery resident Nim is always on hand to cause mischief or find herself in a spot of bother, inspiring the audience to make and bake.


What’s In Your Bag?

Gold Wala for CBeebies

What’s In Your Bag? teaches pre-schoolers about different cultures, jobs and hobbies through the things people have in their bags. With an average share of 31%, the series was so successful that its concept is now being used in a variety of educational settings. 


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