“Andy’s Safari Adventures stands out because of the presenter, the effects and the quality of the show” 

BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit for CBeebies

The fourth incarnation of the Andy’s Adventures brand for CBeebies was praised for its “clever use of archive”, as well as the high quality of the show.

The programme used a combination of footage from the South Pacific Ocean and The Eden Project along with CGI and greenscreen technology and the latest compositing techniques to bring the wonders of the natural world to life for pre-school audiences – through a specially created habitat called Safari World.

On a budget of £58,000 per episode, the series scored strong average ratings of 220,000, peaking at 316,000. It has also been a winner on the distribution front, with the sales wing of BBC Studios securing numerous deals around the world.


Presenter Andy Day received particular praise for an informative and engaging performance as the show introduced children to animals from all corners of the globe.

In the programme, the reliable host travelled the world in his ‘safari mobile’ to find an animal that could solve problems that had arisen at Safari World.

The stories showcased in the series were selected and written based on sequences shot for BBC Studios’ enviable and world-renowned Natural History Unit programme collection, including Planet Earth II.

Andy’s Safari Adventures was the standout in the pre-school category “because of the presenter, the effects and the quality of the show”, said one judge.


Jam Media for Nickelodeon

Beccas Bunch

Becca’s Bunch combined stop-motion sets, puppetry, live action and animation in a visually unique, pre-school series.

Described by the judges as a charming pre-school sitcom, each story began with Becca’s catchphrase: ‘Adventure’s calling!’ The programme also featured a child-led cast, with Noa Fe Williams voicing Becca.

Hello Halo Productions for CBeebies

Junk Rescue

Junk Rescue championed a sustainability message, encouraging children to see the value in repurposing and repairing disposable items.

By combining traditional crafts with child-led creations, the programme’s presenters, Danny Sebastian and Zoe Pocock, encouraged viewers to make their own useful things out of junk.

BBC Children’s in-house productions for CBeebies

Molly and Mack

Centring on the relationship between eight-year- old Molly and her big brother Mack, who live in fictional Bridgetown, this live-action show featured an all Scottish cast and crew, along with a strong Scottish writing team.

Judges said the programme would appeal to all the family, with themes of community and friendship at its core.

Hoho Entertainment for Channel 5


With childhood obesity an increasingly topical issue, Shane The Chef set out to teach pre-schoolers about healthy food and how to prepare tasty meals.

The series delivered informative content with warmth by showcasing relatable families and a strong community bond as Shane and his daughter Izzy went on various adventures around the town of Munchington.

Magic Light Pictures for BBC One


The adaptation of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s much-loved book took more than 18 months to animate and produce before forming a key element of the BBC’s 2018 Christmas schedule.

With an impressive cast, including Lenny Henry, Kit Harrington and Tracey Ullman, the TV film explored three characters seeking to escape their pre-ordained roles in life.