“A subject that we are all familiar with was handled with great subtlety and care”

I Am Ruth offers a searingly honest and authentic portrayal of a mother and daughter’s increasingly strained relationship, in a storyline developed and co-authored by Dominic Savage and Kate Winslet.

The single drama won much praise from critics, transcending the arts and culture sections of the press to spark a wider debate about the dangers of social media for young people.

The drama is distinctive partly because of Savage’s unique process of collaborating with the lead actor on story development. The dialogue is also semi-improvised by the actors. With that in mind, the judges applauded the performances of Winslet and her daughter (both in the drama and in real life), Mia Threapleton.


“Kate and Mia’s performances brought genuine intimacy and authenticity to the drama. A subject that we are all familiar with was handled with great subtlety and care,” said one.

Another judge spoke of the “reaffirmation of the power of the single drama, with extraordinary, often improvised, performances by the leads and powerful, thoughtful direction”.

For at least one judge, I Am Ruth made a lasting impression. “This film has stayed with me,” they said. “For its relatable portrayal of the complex mother-daughter relationship and its devastatingly authentic dialogue.”


Black Mirror: Demon 79
Broke & Bones for Netflix

While Black Mirror has typically focused on tech dystopias or media satire, the Demon 79 story has a stronger supernatural element, harking back to 1970s horror. It helps make the sixth season of Charlie Brooker’s series the most unpredictable, unclassifiable and unexpected yet. 

Black Mirror Demon 79


Firebird Pictures for Channel 4

It may be low-budget, but Consent is a confident, striking exploration of young people’s lives looked at through social media. By shooting WhatsApp chats as well as real-world conversations, and not shying away from offensive language, the producers have given the drama real force and originality, said the judges. 



Synchronicity Films for BBC

Assisted dying is a challenging subject for any drama and Mayflies explores the highly charged issue with truth, humour and heart, without being sentimental or mawkish. The two-part series based on Andrew O’Hagan’s best-selling novel also juggles two timelines effectively and with intelligence. 



There She Goes
Merman Television for BBC

This drama shines a refreshingly honest light on the reality of raising a severely learning-disabled child. In doing so, it achieves the tricky balance of humour, pathos and real heart. “Searingly authentic, unsanitised and funny in a way that only real life can be,” said one judge. 

There She Goes - 414


Y Swn
Joio for S4C

This drama reveals a piece of history that is in danger of being forgotten and presents it in a confident and energetic manner. It is also groundbreaking as it is the first time a Welsh-speaking black woman has taken the lead role in a screen drama. 

Y Sŵn

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