Dock10 in Salford has opened a new TV studio that is suitable for green screen work or productions using small sets.

HQ8 is 750 sq ft in size, comes fully lit and links directly into Dock10’s gallery and post-production infrastructure.

The new space has been made freed up through a re-organisation “of a number of areas’ within the Dock10 building.

Dock10 expects the studio to be used on a day-hire basis and by creative agencies. It will also allow producers using Dock10’s main studios to simultaneously employ a smaller second studio for additional commentary, a behind-the-scenes view or a companion show.

The first customer to use the studio will be Tuesday’s Child. The indie will use HQ8 to produce the BBC1 6x60-min Saturday night singing show Pitch Battle.

Andy Waters, head of studios at Dock10, said, “As serious content creators strive to improve the quality of their output, HQ8 is providing them with the affordable, flexible and professional television facilities to make it happen.”

Dock10 is based at MediaCityUK..