NAB 2014: Aframe has unveiled Version 3.0 of its cloud video platform, featuring a software-based automatic transcoder.

Aframe said project owners would be able to select a ‘house format’ that all content is automatically changed to upon hitting the project.

They can also select individual clips for transcoding to additional formats.

Also in Aframe 3.0 is a desktop app for automated media movement workflows from location back to base, a HTML5 player for precision control ahead of the edit, as well as expanded user administration and control features for easier management across cost centres and more fluid asset management.

Sony and Panasonic are also introducing new products at NAB that enable direct from camera to Aframe workflows in a bid to achieve greater efficiency in remote location shooting and breaking news production.   

Aframe’s cloud video platform is integrated with Sony’s wireless camera adapters (CBK-WA100 and CBK-WA101) to automatically create a high-quality proxy in Sony’s XAVC format, and then upload proxies in an MP4 container to Aframe. 

Panasonic will integrate Aframe into its new AJ-PX5000G 2/3-inch shoulder-mount and new AJ-PX270 handheld camcorders so that Aframe customers can upload media into their project directly from the camera.

Within a long-form project, the in-camera proxies could be used as offline edit media using Aframe’s metadata export and edit integration functionality.

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