Kids indie Handle and Spout is to make a spin-off of pre-school kids' show Go and Get a Grown Up.

Turner's kids channel Cartoonito has commissioned Go and Be a Grown Up, in which children will go to work with an adult to learn about their job, daily tasks, working environment and the equipment they use.

Among other professions, children will learn what it is like to be a doctor, a postal worker, a vet, a train driver and a farmer during the 10 x 5-minute series.

The series is directed by Sam Potter and the executive producer is Paul Shuttleworth.

The show is Handle and Spout's third commission for the channel, joining its sister show and Cartoonito Karaoke.

Cecilia Persson, vice president of programming, acquisitions and presentation for Turner's kids' channels, said: “With Go and Be a Grown Up we hope to give children an informative and fun look into a range of different professions.”