‘One of the most talented young journalists I’ve come across in my career’

  • 29
  • Shooting director/producer
  • Freelance

Jamie Tahsin has developed a knack for securing access to tricky subjects, from getting into an exclusive wellness festival for millionaires to persuading members of the Camorra (Italian Mafia) to appear on camera.

His Emmy-nominated film The Teenage Mafia Academy showed how organised criminals are now using TikTok to recruit young children as foot soldiers in their organisations.

But undoubtedly his biggest coup has been being the first documentary maker to fi lm an interview with the controversial influencer and alleged human trafficker Andrew Tate, as well as the British women accusing him of sexual o ences.

Tahsin’s films demonstrate how Tate managed to game social media algorithms to skyrocket to fame, and how he formed an organised network of men who allegedly groomed women for sex work.

He spent three years gaining access to Tate and one of the resulting documentaries, The Dangerous Rise Of Andrew Tate for BBC3, won the Broadcast Digital Award for Best Programme Acquisition in 2023 and was shortlisted for the Private Eye Paul Foot Award the same year. Another doc, Andrew Tate: The Man Who Groomed The World, was nominated for a BANNF World Media Festival Rockie Award 2024 for Best Crime and Investigation and a BBC News Award 2024 for Most Impactful Journalism.

Tahsin’s documentaries have also led to civil and legal proceedings in the UK.

BBC Current Affairs executive producer Mike Radford describes Tahsin as “one of the most talented young journalists I’ve come across in my career”, who always has “appetite for detail” and “the answers to di cult questions”.