Dutch start-up Marvin Technologies used this week’s NAB show to unveil an on-set workflow management system for digital cinematographers.

Marvin is a Windows-based set-up that automatically creates back-ups, LTO tape masters, QuickTime proxies and DVD dailies in a single process.

Its inventor, film-maker Maarten Treurniet, said it aimed to offer both time- and cost-saving advantages over current ad hoc practices of copying and wrangling data.

“We saw a clear need for production protocols to streamline and standardise the process,” he said.

Marvin is built around a Windows 7 computer with six or 12 terabytes of RAID5 storage, a core i7 processor and a built-in LTO tape drive. It automatically creates copies of every shot to its storage array before generating multiple
verified LTO copies, along with DVD dailies and QuickTime files for offline editing.

Marvin supports Red One, SI-2K, Arri D21 and Alexa and Panasonic P2 cameras.