Soliton Systems, the manufacturer of mobile video contribution using H.265 encoding over 3G or 4G mobile networks, will showcase the Zao-S at the Media Production Show (MPS).

Zao-S is a miniature encoder, weighing 400 grams, that provides live video streaming directly from a camera.

“Overcoming the technical challenges of fitting so much processing power into such a small unit has been monumental,” said Shinya Hyakutake, head of the broadcast division for Soliton in Japan.

“Despite its size, it will work better than many of its competitors that are four times the size, twice the price and only H.264.”

H.265 encoding, also known as HEVC, is said to be 50% more efficient than H.264, allowing quality video to be delivered on half the available bit rate.

Hyakutake added: “At the Media Production Show in London we will be showing the Zao-S in action. Its size will open up new applications that were previously impossible, and its cost allows for smaller organisations to acquire it where in the past this type of technology was cost prohibitive.”

Soliton will be exhibiting on stand 538 at MPS.

The Media Production Show takes place 13-14 June at Olympia, London

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