It has also expanded its mastering services and storage capabilities

Blazing Griffin Post Production

Blazing Griffin has added Atmos to three suites, as well as added three VFX stations.

The Atmos speakers aim to make the rooms more immersive, and were installed by Alcons Audio, including in Blazing Griffin’s 4K projection mixing theatre. John Cobban, senior dubbing mixer at Blazing Griffin said, “The Alcons system is pin-accurate to any type of mix, from broadcast stereo to fully featured Dolby Atmos to theatrical. The room translates incredibly and can handle anything we’ve thrown at it with ease.”

In addition, the post and VFX house has added three VFX stations, which are currently supporting visual effects training led by Blazing Griffin’s in-house motion graphics artist, Sam Goodwin. They will work in tandem with the existing picture team to deliver further visual effects work on-premises.

The facility has also installed DDP NVMe storage from Ardis Technologies, drawing on 40gb infrastructure. It is specifically designed to handle up to 8K VFX workflows in real-time.

Finally, Blazing Griffin has expanded its mastering capabilities with Apple’s latest M2 Ultra architecture. This is combined with its existing MTI Cortex mastering system and backbone of a dedicated 10gb uncontended lease line and local network.

Ross MacRae, head of operations at Blazing Griffin Post Production said, “We are thrilled to unveil these significant investments in our post-production capabilities. With our additional Dolby Atmos systems; cutting-edge ultra-fast storage, mastering and delivery infrastructure; and expanded VFX potential, we are poised to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the Scottish industry. This investment underscores our commitment to providing all creatives with the tools and resources they need to bring their visions to life.”