Wallen has previously been CTO of Dreamworks Animation

Lincoln Wallen Framestore Company 3 CTO

Framestore Company 3 has named Lincoln Wallen as its first group CTO.

Wallen was most recently CTO at metaverse technology company Improbable, and has previously been CTO of Dreamworks Animation and CTO of mobile and online at Electronic Arts during over 20 years in the video games and VFX industry. He also has a PhD in artificial intelligence at the University of Edinburgh, and subsequently taught at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory.

His new role will see him identify new strategic partnerships across business, technology and academia, from bluechip, household name companies to emerging start-ups. In addition, he will also work with the group’s existing clients and look for new ways to maximise their IP. To do this, he will work with Mel Sullivan, CEO of Framestore, Company 3 CEO Stefan Sonnenfeld and their management, production and technology leaders.

Framestore Company 3 Group Chairman Sir William Sargent said: “As the worlds of  business, entertainment and technology have evolved we’ve been there to help guide the way. From changing the way films are made to transporting household-name IP to theme parks and VR headsets, our artists, colourists and technologists have helped reframe the possible. At Company 3 and Framestore we have developed key enabling technologies to support ambitious film and experience making.

“In Lincoln we’ve found a kindred spirit in terms of both outlook and ambition, and he joins the Group at a critical time for our industry and for every single company looking to scale their business by way of compelling, meaningful storytelling. With the landscape shifting yet again it’s vital to have the right strategic minds onboard, and we’re delighted that Lincoln will be the one helping our Group, collaborators and clients forge new partnerships and navigate each fresh technological advance.”

Wallen added: “Technology disrupts markets creating new exciting opportunities, and the creative industries have been at the forefront of absorbing and exploiting such changes throughout the digital age. At these moments of inflection, I’ve always tried to find that special environment - the place with the greatest artistic, technological and commercial depth - where the potential of new technology can find its most powerful expression. 

“Whether that’s been the impact of computer simulation, the advent of mobile computing, or the exploitation of compute-scalability. Framestore Company 3 Group has long been a market leader across film, TV, advertising and immersive experiences. The company’s technological strength, commitment to the creative artist, and excellence in innovation will allow it to play a pivotal role in harnessing the power of silicon and machine learning to enhance the creative process, the media business and the consumer experience.”