Roles on offer include content production for top leagues


COPA90 and EA Sports FC have partnered to create a women’s football internship programme, Pave The Path.

Part of EA Sports’ $11 million (£8.56m) Starting XI Fund, the internships are aimed at providing the next generation women with off-pitch talent with new opportunities to enter the football industry. The leagues working with the internship are the National Women’s Soccer League (US), D1 Arkema (France), Liga F (Spain) the Frauen-Bundesliga (Germany), and the Women’s Super League (UK).

Roles on offer include content production with these competitions. In addition, each intern will have the opportunity to work on a dedicated creative project highlighting a global game-changer who is making a positive impact in women’s football - and at the end of the internship will have their content put on the COPA90 Girls Talk show to demonstrate their production skills.

Those interested can apply here.

Simon Joyce, chief business officer at COPA90, said: “We’re proud to build on our long-standing and action-orientated partnership with the team at EA Sports FC and collaborate on yet another incredibly important, much needed and valuable programme. Women’s football is one of sport’s great growth levers and it’s critical that young people are given access to a greater number of opportunities to enable a more diverse and equitable game, and to create and support the industry leaders of the future.”

Charlotte Thomson, head of women’s football at COPA90, said: “It’s a genuine privilege to be a part of an initiative that is game changing in every sense of the word, with a partner that recognises the importance of off-pitch talent in growing the women’s game sustainably.

Having seen first hand the level of talent that has come through previous EA internships, I am in no doubt that the next generation of off-pitch talent will make their mark on the game in a big way - and I can’t wait to see what they go on to achieve.”

Andrea Hopelain, SVP of brand at EA Sports, added: “It’s an honour for EA Sports to be involved in such a great initiative. There is a huge appetite for talented individuals to be involved in women’s football across a number of roles but it became quite clear that the whole industry needs to add more opportunities for them to pave their path into the game. We look forward to working with everyone and seeing the internship develop.”