The Indycar App, powered by NTT Data, provides real-time race insights and enables fans to view the drivers in action via 15 in-car cameras


NTT is uing racing data from the NTT Indycar Series, including this year’s Indianapolis 500, to provide enhanced fan engagement during races.

NTT Data is using data from 140+ sensors on each race car to capture and analyse more than 8 billion racing data points.

Advanced AI and predictive analytics enables NTT to share near-real-time insights and visualisations to fans both onsite and remotely for enhanced storytelling of key moments during events. This includes head-to-head overtaking, race strategies, race winner predictions and more.

Fans onsite for the race can also access data on wait times and flow across the 600+ acre venue.

The Indycar App, powered by NTT Data, provides real-time, AI and advanced analytics, offering racing insights that include live scoring and viewing of the drivers in action via 15 in-car cameras. The app, which engages more than 70,000 users on race days, is available from the iOS App Store and Google Play.

NTT is the official technology partner of Indycar, Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), the Indianapolis 500, and Nascar Brickyard weekend.

Roger Penske, chairman of Penske Corporation, which owns Indycar and IMS, said: “NTT Data has pushed the boundaries of how technology can impact motorsports, helping us tap into vast amounts of data in advanced and productive ways.”

Eric Clark, CEO, NTT Data, North America, added: “We work with the world’s leading enterprises in complex sectors, yet few organisations produce as much real-time data and analytics as NTT Indycar Series racing teams and venues. Partnering with Indycar helps us explore and pressure test our offerings in intense real-time settings. We use those learnings to help our clients innovate and transform their operations, improve sustainability, leverage AI and enhance customer experiences.”

NTT DATA also continues to enable other similar innovative experiences to benefit fans and increase engagement across all mediums including social media, the web and television or streaming broadcasts, through reliable technology and services that deliver deeper data insights.