Moment Of Truth is being produced in association with FIFA+

Moment Of Truth (Whisper, Final Replay, SPT) II FIFA

Whisper, Final Replay and Sony Pictures Television have announced a new ten-part series on the men’s and women’s World Cups, Moment Of Truth.

Produced by Whsiper and Final Replay in association with FIFA+ and its extensive archive of World Cup footage, Moment Of Truth takes a look at the history of the competition from its inception in 1930. With behind-the-scenes contributions from players, fans, commentators and psychologists, each episode looks at iconic moments from the men’s and women’s competitions. 

Through this, it hopes to look at the impact of each of these moments, their timeline and background, how it changed the player and why it resonates so forcefully with us.

Sony Pictures Television is handling global distribution, with work on this side continuing and some sales to broadcasters expected to be confirmed in due course. As such, it will not be shown only through the FIFA+ platform. The trailer can be viewed below.

Henry Winter, series writer and chief football writer at The Times, said: “From the first minute at kick-off in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1930 to Megan Rapinoe’s penalty in the 2019 Women’s World Cup Final – Moment Of Truth will explore revelatory moments of truth across the spectrum – from the iconic to the surprising and less well-known.”

Mark Cole, managing director of Whisper, added: “Sport generates and ignites emotion like no other – especially football. In Moment of Truth, we speak to those who lived through massive moments in World Cup history. Using incredible archive from FIFA, sporting stars such as Andres Iniesta, Lothar Matthäus, Aya Miyama and Michael Owen, explain the fervour, joy and genius that drove them, as we seek to uncover why football makes us all care so much and so passionately.” 

Neil Canetty-Clarke, executive producer at Final Replay, commented: “Half the population of Earth watched the last World Cup. As the excitement builds to Qatar, Moment of Truth, narrated by Homeland’s David Harewood, offers football fans across the world a unique and gripping insight into the dramatic stories behind the planet’s favourite sport.”

James Abraham, commissioning editor for FIFA+, said: “This is an innovative collaboration between FIFA+, Whisper, Final Replay and Sony Pictures Television for a truly fascinating series that delves into the psychology behind the beautiful game that we all love. The extensive archive we home on FIFA+ provides the perfect backdrop to Moment Of Truth’s storytelling – we’re excited to see football fans enjoy this unique and insightful take on the FIFA World Cup.”