Euro 2024 hospitality packages will be available through the broadcaster

DAZN Daimani ticketing app

DAZN has partnered with sales platform Daimani to bring ticketing and hospitality sales to its app. 

Part of DAZN’s strategy to diversify from its broadcasting base, the agreement brings a ticket marketplace to its app. Eventually the plan is to augment this with a shared wallet, one-click purchasing and personalised user journeys whereby individual fans are served relevant events, targeted promotions and special offers for their team’s matches.

The UK, Germany, Italy and Spain will be the first territories to experience the addition, and one of the first packages available through the app will be hospitality for Euro 2024. Daimani is sales agent and member of the 2024 Hospitality Experience AG Group, the official hospitality provider for the tournament.

The ticketing feature will later be rolled out globally, with a focus on selling tickets for competitions to which DAZN has the broadcast rights.

DAZN’s deal with Daimani gives it the option to acquire equity in the company.

Broadcast Sport spoke to DAZN chief financial officer Darren Waterman about the company’s strategy earlier this year, and he said of working with partners to bring new features to DAZN: “I see these things being delivered through partnerships. If you think about the macro vision to bring all of those experiences in one place, we want people to be able to buy a football shirt of the team they support, or buy a scarf for the match that they’re watching, like you would if you were going to the real event.

“There’s some great partners out there, in the long run probably, for us to work with and integrate into DAZN to really complete the experience. We don’t have to do everything ourselves. If there are experts in different things, the most important thing for us is to bring it into the app, so that customers get it in one place and they can use their DAZN account. It’s all seamless. That’s the most important thing.”

DAZN Group CEO Shay Segev said of this news: “The sports entertainment space is extremely fragmented with a growing number of apps and content owners. DAZN is building a frictionless super app for sports fans – a single destination platform where they can enjoy the live game and access the full range of sports related products and services on one app, with one account and one wallet to watch, play, chat, transact and bet. Partnering with DAIMANI marks our entrance into the ticketing business; it is great for us and, more importantly, great for our customers.”

Daimani CEO Max Mueller added: “For us, this is a perfect opportunity: the partnership provides an end-to-end solution for sports consumers, by creating an intuitive, customer-friendly pathway to everything related to live events. It favours DAIMANI’s mission to make events more accessible to fans and consumers - at their fingertips.”