The sensor-enabled performance running track promises to redefine live coverage of track running

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UK-based tech company Feldspar is planning to build the world’s first sensor-enabled performance running track.

The company says the track is “the first major technological advancement in track and field running in nearly 60 years” and will “redefine athletic performance and live sports entertainment”. 

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Feldspar’s track incorporates advanced sensors and camera-based methods to measure the movement of athletes through their footsteps and stride to capture data in real-time. 

Feldspar’s next-generation modular sports flooring and tracking software solution integrates patent-pending technologies and “state-of-the-art” materials into the track design. The company says this will enable athletes to achieve a faster running speed compared to what is currently possible.

Offering complex and historically hard-to-access data, such as stride length, acceleration rate and max velocity in real-time, Feldspar believes its technology has the potential to revolutionise the spectator experience at live sports events. 

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Feldspar is working with UK engineers, industrial designers, and data scientists to develop the high-performance, premium running track prototype, with real-time testing set to begin later this year. Production of the flooring solution is expected to begin in 2025.

The company was founded by former professional track runner Alvina Chen, with initial backing from Hong Kong-based investors.

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Alvina Chen, founder and CEO of Feldspar said: “While we have seen a high level of innovation in running shoes, apparel, and training methods in recent years,  it’s incredible that the modern synthetic running track itself has remained largely unchanged since the 1968 Summer Olympics.

“There is a huge opportunity in revolutionising this sport. By digitising the running track Feldspar is not only providing new avenues for athletes’ development and pushing the boundaries of human performance but also moving athletics towards a new era of exhilarating, high-energy live international events, similar to what we see in other sports, like football and motorsports.

“Our ambition with our next generation running track is to set a new benchmark for athlete performance and fan engagement for future world competitions, including the Olympic Games, and beyond.”