‘Laugh-out-loud and utterly bizarre in the best way possible’ 

Things You Should Have Done masterfully blends traditional high gag comedy with Gen-Z-inspired humour resulting in a refreshing and unique family sitcom. 

The comedy is fresh from the mind of first-time screen-writer Lucia Keskin. Having built a platform on social media sharing comedy skits, Keskin was commissioned to write the pilot at just 19 years old. Keskin’s professional origin is proof that “talent can be successfully brought from social to the big screen,” commented one judge.  

The show follows the life of the clueless Chi and her fragmented family as she navigates independent life in the aftermath of her parent’s sudden deaths. 

Best Comedy

Despite her youth, Keskin’s writing is self-confident, playful and rich. She is described by the judges as a “fantastic new talent” and “exactly what this industry needs”. The playful, deadpan comedy is pitched to deliver belly laughs, yet Keskin deals with sensitive topics, such as Karen’s ongoing fertility issues, with a care and sensitivity far beyond her years. 

Things You Should Have Done champions diversity both on and off screen, and aims to portray working-class families in a more playful and innovative way than is usually seen on screen. As one judge commented, it is “effortlessly diverse without trying hard and being clunky”.  

Our judges sum up Things You Should Have Done, as being simply “to die for”.




Golden Path Productions for ITVX 

G’wed’s sharp and energetic portrayal of Liverpudlian working class youth culture has brought huge success for ITVX/ITV2. Taking over two years to scout the perfect cast, Golden Path Productions showcase a fantastic display of young and fresh comic talent. The challenging storylines are tackled with brilliant empathy and offer relatability to viewers of all ages. 

dreaming whilst black

Dreaming Whilst Black 
Big Deal Films for BBC

An innovative and original sitcom, Dreaming Whilst Black portrays the difficulties of making it as a Black filmmaker in an often-exclusive industry. Its witty script guarantees laughter while also addressing the real issues and hard truths of starting out in the industry. Created by Adjani Salmon, much of the show is based on his own experiences and this authenticity shines through. 


Various Artists Limited for BBC 

Juice blends surreal and trippy visuals with a razor-sharp script to produce an original and highly creative show. The use of off-camera techniques and brilliant creativity invites viewers into the world of the titular character, Jamma, and his quest for attention. The cast meanwhile, offers a showcase of comedy talent from diverse backgrounds. 

Count Abdulla

Count Abdulla 
Fudge Park Productions for ITVX 

Set among the British Muslim community, Count Abdulla brilliantly blends comedy and horror with authenticity and relatability. Written by Kaamil Shah, the story is drawn from many of his own experiences. The central character navigates a crisis of identity as he juggles his family’s strict religious observance with his secular friendships. Its richly coloured and detailed shots make it a visual and cinematic delight. 

Such Brave Girls

Such Brave Girls 
Various Artists Limited for BBC 

This female-led show tackles trauma, mental health issues and poverty with expert honesty. Written by and starring new comedy voice Kat Sadler, the six-episode show takes inspiration from Sadler’s own life. Her aim, she says, was to write a sitcom full of character and jokes about difficult subjects – but never at the expense of laughs. The cast delivers raw performances which nonetheless produces laugh-out-loud comedy.