‘This film will go down in history’ 

BBC for BBC World Service YouTube 

Following the paramedics working for the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, this documentary provides a “raw, unfiltered and devastating” view into the work of these first responders, commented one judge. 

The documentary highlights the immense risks and personal sacrifices the paramedics face as they carry out their rescue missions and shows the impact of war on civilians. It is a “must-watch that stays with you for days and even weeks after viewing,” another judge said.  

Due to the dangers involved, BBC News Arabic’s Feras Ajrami was one of the few local journalists able to report on first few weeks of the conflict in Northern Gaza. “Ajrami is an excellent and fearless journalist acting with pure integrity, instinct and laser focus on documenting an unfolding, world-changing event,” one judge observed. 

Best Current Affairs

The film was made available across multiple BBC platforms and was published by 17 language services online, as well as BBC News Online. The story hit 550,000 page views for News Online and 35,000 video views on the BBC News YouTube channel. A shorter version of the film was published by 20 language services, garnering over 550,000 views across Facebook and Instagram. On the BBC Persian Instagram, one version was played over two million times. 

One judge summarised Gaza 101: Emergency Response as an “incredibly brave film making that bears witness on a tragic situation”, adding “It is crucial that films like this are made.” 




Andrew Tate: The Man Who Groomed the World? 
BBC Current Affairs for BBC

This investigation into Andrew Tate’s secretive private network, the War Room, is a terrifying insight into the influence of the self-confessed misogynist on young men. Through access to a year’s worth of internal messages from within the War Room and interviews with two alleged victims, the programme reveals that a primary focus of the network is teaching methods of coercive control with the aim of grooming vulnerable women into online sex work. 


Disciples: The Cult of TB Joshua – Unmasking Our Father 
BBC Africa Eye for BBC iPlayer & BBC News Africa YouTube Channel 

Examining the cult of Nigerian super pastor and televangelist TB Joshua, episode two of this programme contains the courageous testimonies of survivors of his abuse. The episode received 4.4 million views and the wider series accumulated 12.3 million views on the BBC Africa News Channel. The notably high levels of engagement for the show brought in almost 80,000 new subscribers on YouTube and resulted in more than 50 newspaper headlines across the world. 


Liar: The Fake Grooming Scandal 
BBC Current Affairs & Firecrest Films for BBC

This documentary provides detailed insight into the extraordinary case of Ellie Williams, who falsely claimed she was groomed and raped by an Asian grooming gang. It brought incredible success for BBC3, recording 500,000 iPlayer views a week after release and one million views at 28 days. This riveting show also recorded a notably high completion rate of 90%. 


The Last Hospital: 30 Days in Myanmar 
Sky Studios and Sky News for Sky Documentaries and NOW TV 

Two years in the making this ambitious journalistic endeavour aims to shine light on what is happening in Myanmar since a military coup overturned the government in 2021. The Sky News team stayed in rebel-held areas of the jungle and were at daily risk of airstrike, injury and capture. The documentary’s impact has been enormous, with the evidence it uncovered now being used to help verify incidents of human rights abuses. 


UNTOLD: The Secrets of UK Prisons 
DARE Pictures for Channel 4 

As the number of UK prisoners rise at an alarming rate, this investigative documentary uses illegally-filmed footage from inside prisons to reveal what life is really like for the inmates. Fronted by former prisoner, David Navarro, it proved a huge success for the Untold strand, ranking as one of its highest viewed programmes and securing 42% of views by 16–34-year-olds (double the platform’s average).