‘Technically innovative and interesting while containing positive messaging for children’ 

BBC Studios for BBC and iPlayer

Produced by BBC Studios in conjunction with Children in Need, Game On! offered a live gaming extravaganza which positioned gaming as a force for good and aimed to reach to young people facing difficulty in their lives.  

The show featured games appealing to a range of ages, from Just Dance to F1 2023 and Hado. 

It successfully brought together the worlds of gaming and charity, producing a “technically innovative and interesting programme which contained positive messaging for children, as well as being entertaining and speaking to them on their level”, according to judges. 

Best Digital Children's Content

Hosted by Radio 1’s Vick Hope and Steffan Powell and former CBBC presenter Lauren Layfield, the show also featured a diverse range of gaming celebrities, whose significant followings across social media platforms including Instagram, Twitch and TikTok drew in viewers from beyond traditional television audiences. 

The production successfully pulled off a live broadcast from a non-TV studio, instead using Confetti X, a bespoke gaming facility aligned with Nottingham Trent University, whose students were offered opportunities on the production team.  

Children In Need was delighted with the engagement the show secured for its cause.  


One ZooThree

Highly commended: One Zoo Three 
True to Nature for CBBC 

Highly commended by the judges, over the course of ten themed episodes One Zoo Three follows the lives of brothers Cam, Tyler and Aaron, who run a family zoo. The fun and informative show offers viewers a glimpse of a range of animals from polar bears to pygmy marmosets, as the brothers take viewers along to explore other zoos, parks and conservation projects around the world.

Delicate storylines such as a snow leopard getting an ultrasound or an elderly meerkat having an arthritis X-ray, are covered in a sensitive way which younger viewers can understand, while infotainment strands such as Fact or Fake and Whose Poo? aim to educate the young viewers.  



Pip and Posy

Pip and Posy Let’s Learn 
Magic Light Pictures for Sky Kids

Aiming to teach children concepts from the early years National Curriculum using beloved characters, Pip and Posy Lets Learn encourages the young audience to join in and interact as they explore different topics. Head Writer, Holly Lamont, is a qualified primary school teacher and was able to advice from an educational perspective. The result is a fun and dynamic programme that features strategies such as rhymes, songs, visuals and actions to help reinforce learning. 


Quentin Blake’s Box of Treasures: Zagazoo 
Eagle Eye Drama for CBBC 

Produced with whole family viewing in mind, Zagazoo recorded an average audience of 1.33 million, 281k of which were aged between 4 and 15. The show retained the distinctive illustration style of Quentin Blake while adapting the storyline to better reflect the UK’s diversity, with the addition of Zagazoo’s love interest, Mirabelle. The programme features the voices of Adrian Lester, Simon Pegg and Louisa Binder, with an original score by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. 


Save Our Wildlife 
Fresh Start Media for Sky Kids 

 Presented by 8-year-old Aneeshwar Kunchala, Save Our Wildlife aims to inspire a passion for conservation among children. The documentary follows six young conservationists as they explore threats to wildlife across five continents. Informative and educational, the show encourages children to play their part in looking after the environment. Kunchala has featured on Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent All Stars with his poems about wildlife and is a young ambassador at the Kennedy Centre in Washington DC. 

Famous Five

The Famous Five 
Moonage Pictures and byNWR for CBBC 

Modern and timely with a diverse cast, the opening episode of The Famous Five, The Curse of Kirrin Island, achieved 1.4 million viewers within 7 days and was the top performing CBBC title of 2023. Digital Content on CBBC, BBC online platforms and YouTube supported the show and included sneak peaks, interactive quizzes and a simulation of the adventures of the Famous Five.